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Data-driven Innovation and Value Creation TLN Planning Workshop

Planning Workshop for a Thought Leadership Network on Data-driven Innovation and Value Creation
Bentley University – June 22, 2015

What is a TLN? Thought-Leadership Network is a coordinated network of scholars and practitioners aimed provide to advance knowledge and innovation. Our TLN focuses on topics related to data-driven innovation and value creation.

Broader Initiative: The workshop is funded by a grant from the Bentley Research Council in the context of the Bentley University thought leadership network initiative

Main objectives of the workshop:

  • Communicating the core idea underlying the network to the Bentley community
  • Evaluating the feasibility of the concept underlying this network collaboratively, potentially changing the direction if necessary
  • Encouraging as many members of the Bentley community as possible to explore the potential value of this network
  • Engaging the invited external experts in the network planning process and maximizing the learning based on their experience and expertise
  • Planning the next stages for various elements of the process of creating this network.

Tentative workshop schedule: We will start the event with breakfast at 8:30am and end the day by 4:30pm.

Core Bentley TLN Team

  • Heikki Topi (CIS, PI)

  • Mystica Alexander (LTFP, Co-PI)
  • Joel Deichmann (GLS, participant)
  • Jeff Gulati (GLS, Co-PI)

  • Wendy Lucas (CIS, Co-PI)

  • Marco Marabelli (IPM, Co-PI)
  • David Oury (MA, Co-PI)

  • David Szymanski (NAS, participant)
  • Sam Woolford (MA, Co-PI)

  • David Yates (CIS, Co-PI)

TLN External Advisory Board Members Attending the Workshop

Contact information: