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Name Information
Are you/will you be a new or continuing graduate student at Bentley University in 2019-2020?*
Enrollment Plans
Please indicate the number of credit hours (not classes) for which you plan to enroll for the following terms:
Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Summer 2020
What is your expected Graduation Date?
Please select the month you plan to graduate
Please indicate your housing plans
Will you receive assistance from sources outside the University for the 2019-2020 Academic Year?
Please indicate the amount you will receive for each semester
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Current Assets
2017 Untaxed Income

Students who attend on a less-than-half-time basis (fewer than 4.5 credits) are not eligible for federal student loan funding. There are, however, education loan programs available through private lenders. Eligibility for financing is determined based on an applicant's credit history and ability to repay. Since the terms of alternative loans are subject to change, please consult directly with the lender for current information. Visit for more details about these financing options. Please note that not all alternative loan programs are available for students who fall below half-time enrollment.


Students seeking alternative loan funding should apply directly with their chosen lender. Once an applicant's credit is approved, the lender will contact Bentley University directly for certification of enrollment and expected educational expenses. Once this process is complete, the funds will be scheduled to disburse directly to the student account. Loan disbursements typically do not occur before the beginning of the enrollment period.

In addition to submitting a signed copy of the 2017 Federal Tax Return and W-2 Form(s), all students in the Master's Candidate Program who wish to be considered for Bentley need-based grant funding must complete a College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile Form with parent information. This form can be completed on-line at The CSS code for graduate students at Bentley is 3098.

Students who elect to waive this requirement will be considered for the federal student loan programs only. Should you decide not to file the CSS PROFILE Form, please notify our office at

Please select yes, if the information you provided on this form is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge
By selecting yes, I understand that I must be enrolled full-time (9 credits per term) to be considered for Bentley grant funds and at least half-time (4.5 per term) to qualify for Federal Direct Stafford Loan funds
By selecting yes, I also understand that any changes to the information provided on this form should be reported directly to the Office of Financial Assistance immediately because changes may impact my eligibility for assistance

Please note: Bentley University reserves the right to request parent information from any graduate student seeking institutional grant assistance. Should your 2017 income suggest that you may not be self-supporting, you will most likely be required to submit a PROFILE Form with parent data. The Office of Financial Assistance will contact you in the event that parent information is required. Students seeking federal student loan funding only, can always opt to waive the requirement.

Students who attend on a full-time basis (minimum of 9 credits) and wish to be considered for Bentley Graduate Need Grant funding must submit a signed copy of their 2017 Federal Tax Return and W-2 Form(s). These documents can be faxed to 781.891.2448 or mailed to: Bentley University, Office of Financial Assistance, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA, 02452.