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Petition to Withdraw from Housing for 2017-2018

Student's requesting to withdraw from housing must complete the petition below. In order to receive consideration, you must establish that there has been a significant change in your physical, financial, and/or personal circumstances between now and the time you signed the 2017-2018 Housing Contract.

Once you have completed the petition below, it will take five working days to review your petition and for a decision to be made. Within the next five days, you will be e-mailed the decision and instructed as to what to do next.


Through the duration of the petitioning process, you remain financially responsible for your housing and meal plan assignment, if applicable. Your financial obligation does not end unless your petition has been approved, you fill out the Amendment form and you move out of housing.

A cancellation fee of $500 will be accessed to your account if this is recievd after June 22, 2017. This is a cancellation fee for being released from the contract. This information will appear on the e-mail you receive along with the decision.

Please reach out to the Assistant Director of Housing Operations at 781-891-2148 or by emailing with additional questions.