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WorldView Faculty Interest Form

Use this form to request a WorldView presentation or panel for your classroom.

Note: WorldView is a volunteer program. The CISS does it's best to recruit volunteers from diverse countries and match professors with ambassadors from specific countries/regions of the world as requested. Presentation availability depends on individual volunteer's class schedule. Countries represented on the team vary each semester.
WorldView classroom visits come in two structures: traditional presentations and panels. A traditional presentation usually entails Prezi or PowerPoint that lasts around 15-25 minutes with time for questions. Panels usually consists of 3-5 students who sit in the front of the classroom and facilitate dialogue by answering questions prepared by the professor and/or class. The number of presenters and panelists can be discussed with CISS staff.
Traditional presentations range anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes each. Panels may range 45 minutes to an hour depending on the subject. Times can be discussed further with CISS staff.
Most traditional presentations are one or two students. Most panels contain 3-5 students.
Please use this space to list any specific requests to accommodate your classroom and presentation needs or address any questions you may have.