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Innovation in Teaching Awards


  • Christopher Skipwith, Natural and Applied Science
  • Otgo Erhemjamts, Finance
  • Nathan Carter, Mathematical Science
  • Jeff Gulati, Robert DeLeo, Gary Donato, Global Studies and David Szymanski, Natural and Applied Science


  • Helen Meldrum, Psychology and Natural and Applied Science
  • Aaron Jackson and David Gulley, Economics
  • Michael Walsh, Natural and Applied Science
  • Suzanne Isenberg, Marketing and Effie Stavrulaki, Management


  • Nathan Carter, Lucia Kimball and Emily Roth Mathematical Science
  • Catherine Fung, English and Media Studies
  • Mahendra Gujarathi, Accountancy
  • Michael Quinn, Economics


  • Benjamin Aslinger, English and Media Studies
  • Steven Nichols, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Aaron Nurick, Management
  • Ken Stuckey, English and Media Studies 


  • Mystica Alexander, Law, Tax and Financial Planning
  • George Fishman, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Mark Frydenberg, Computer Information Systems


  • Lynn Arenella, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Michael Frank, English and Media Studies
  • James Pepe, Computer Information Systems
  • David Szymanski, Natural and Applied Sciences


  • Andy Aylesworth, Marketing
  • Dave Gully and Aaron Jackson, Economics
  • Mary Marcel, Information Design and Corporate Communications; Karen Osterheld and Elliott Levy, Accounting; Candy Bianco, Finance: Work on General Business Core
  • Cyrus Veeser, History


  • Earl Avery, Management; Wiley Davi, English; Duncan Spelman, Management
  • Aaron Jackson, Economics
  • Swati Mukerjee, Economics
  • Mary Wright, English and Graduate English as a Second Language


  • Lisa Curtin, Library; Wiley Davi, English; Colleen Mullally, Library
  • John “Ken” Stuckey, English
  • William “Will” O’Brien, Management
  • Mahendra Gujarathi, Accounting; George “Skip” Hachey, Finance; Charlene O’Brien, Management; Mike Bravo, Management; Raj Sisodia, Marketing


  • Nathan Carter, Math
  • Elliott Levy, Karen Osterheld, Jay Thibodeau, Accounting


  • Ellen Foxman, Marketing; Shawn Hauserman, Marketing and Bentley Service-Learning Center
  • Mark Frydenberg, Computer Information Systems
  • Gregory Hall, Natural Sciences (Psychology)
  • John “Ken” Stuckey, English


  • Mark Frydenberg, Computer Information Systems
  • Jeffrey Livingston, Economics
  • Leslie Waguespack, Computer Information Systems


  • Alan Hoffman, Management
  • Gesa Kirsch, English
  • Joseph Weiss, Management


  • Wiley Davi, English
  • Michael Frank, English
  • Patrick Gregory, Finance
  • Marie Rock, Management


  • William Clarke, Economics
  • Joyce Malcolm, History
  • Heikki Topi, Computer Information Systems
  • William Wiggins (FPT), Mark Nixon, Accounting


  • Barbara Paul-Emile, English
  • Joe Gelinas, Elliott Levy, Jay Thibodeau, Accounting
  • Dorothy Feldman, Karen Osterheld, Jay Thibodeau, Rob Koulish (BPS), Accounting
  • Ruth Spack, English


  • Marcy Crary, Rosa Hunter (Adjunct), Management
  • Marianne Delpo Kulow, Law
  • Gerry Ferrera, Law


  • Stephanie Anderson, Government
  • Iris Berdrow, Management
  • Mark Frydenberg, Wendy Lucas, Computer Information Systems
  • Bill Schiano, Computer Information Systems


  • Gerry Ferrera, Law
  • Barbara Paul-Emile, English