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Teaching in Uncertain Times

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley University has sought to meet the new challenges and opportunities inherent in remote, hybrid, and return to campus teaching. This page contains critical resources for faculty to address the most common issues surrounding these types of teaching, including learning loss and course development for remote and hybrid environments. 

Returning to Normalcy

Students will likely have experienced learning losses and knowledge gaps during the pandemic. It's reasonable to assume that incoming first-year college students have experienced this in their junior/senior year high school classes and that continuing undergrads, especially the class of 2024, have been impacted as well. These knowledge gaps can hinder learning and create challenges if the faculty is not aware of those gaps. 

The guides below have been created to help frame the issue of learning loss, assist instructors on identifying students' academic learning gaps using a host of formative evaluation strategies and technology tools, and provide practical strategies to address any learning gaps in class and with campus resources. 


Developing a Remote or Hybrid Course

As higher education transitioned to remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley University embraced a new opportunity. Remote and hybrid courses are no longer supplemental offerings, but are becoming an integral part of our university's educational portfolio. Instructors need the ability to meet their students wherever and whenever they're learning, while still delivering Bentley University's world class education. 

The guides below have been created to assist instructors in developing new courses, meeting course learning goals, and maximizing the student experience, regardless of how the course is taught.



Learn how to build your first remote or hybrid course.


Discover how to take your course beyond the basics.


Experiment with the latest techniques and technology.


This page is maintained by the Teaching & Learning Resilience and Digital Innovation Initiative to help instructors adapt to remote, hybrid and return to campus teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Initiative Team is also available as a resource for instructors who have any additional questions. Led by Suzanne Dove and Tracy Noga, the team consists of Charlotte Cushing, Cortney Denman, Erin Kelley, Debra Mascott, Steve Salina and Mary Jo Sanz. Make an appointment with a member of our team to ask questions, evaluate your existing course, or get started on the course design process.

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Disability Services

Disability Services works with all students diagnosed with any disability to implement academic accommodations to create equal access. If a student requests accommodations due to a disability or would like more information on how to set up support in the classroom due to a disability, please refer them to contact us:

Stephanie S. Brodeur, Director,
Steph Bohler, Associate Director,
Shannon Glynn, Administrative Coordinator, 
JEN 336