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Living at Bentley

About 80 percent of full-time Bentley undergraduates live on campus — and among first-years, that figure is approximately 98 percent.

First-Years live in traditional dormitory residence halls with double, triple, or quad occupancy. Upperclassmen options include suites and one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments with bathrooms and kitchenettes.

All students benefit from individual access to the Internet and the university network in their rooms. Other amenities include on-site laundry facilities, air conditioning, vending machines, and in some buildings, game rooms and workout facilities. A resident assistant lives on each floor to assist students. Security is important too; students must use their personal ID cards to gain entrance to each building.

Where to Eat

At Bentley, there’s plenty to choose from when you’re hungry. Dining Services offers a range of delicious and convenient dining options from Seasons Dining Room, our main dining hall on campus, to the Mad Falcon featuring Yella's Sandwiches, which is the perfect place to grab a midnight snack. Our four different dining plans are tailored to your individuals — meaning you’re sure to get the best value.