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LSM Concentrations

Global Perspectives Signup Sessions

October 2,  2:00 pm JEN 310

October 30, 2:00 pm JEN 310

November 27, 2:00 pm SMI 320

American Studies

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Chris Beneke
MOR 184

A concentration in American Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the cultural, historical, and political life of the United States and its place in the world through a multidisciplinary program of study. American Studies complements a major in business by providing the context needed to make informed decisions and exercise effective leadership in a complex global environment. In addition to the intellectual breadth that it adds to a business education, a concentration in American Studies prepares students for a variety of careers (e.g., law, public relations, government and public policy, non-profit administration, journalism, teaching, school administration, etc.) and provides a solid foundation for graduate study in business, law, political science, public policy, history and many other fields in the arts and sciences.

Diversity and Society

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Gary David
MOR 179

Diversity is a fundamental aspect of modern society and our everyday lives. This diversity offers the opportunity to enrich our lives through exposure to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. At the same time, diversity can be a challenge as we meet others unlike us, and work out issues of accommodation, acceptance and equality for diverse groups. One of the great challenges of our time is to achieve a society that is integrative of diversity and provides for equal opportunity such that diversity enriches rather than divides.  The Diversity and Society LSM will provide students with an understanding of this challenge through exposure to a broad range of topics and disciplines, all of which are united by a concern regarding diversity and equality.  This can allow the student to extend an understanding of diversity beyond society and into the organization, as well as an appreciation and understanding of how diversity can productively and positively contribute to our everyday lives.

Earth, Environment, And Global Sustainability

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Ryan Bouldin
JEN 107

Our Earth’s environmental issues and the sustainability of its resources will provide humanity with one of its biggest challenges for the foreseeable future. Scientific and technological solutions to environmental problems will be dependent on economic, political, and social constructs that will require global cooperation. This concentration provides students with a background in Earth or environmental systems together with global perspectives on the challenges of sustainable development.

Ethics And Social Responsibility

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Jeff Moriarty
AAC 115

As future leaders in the world of business, Bentley graduates will have to understand and be prepared to deal with many issues concerning ethics and social responsibility in both work and life. The Ethics and Social Responsibility LSM is grounded in philosophy and designed to give students the opportunity for in-depth study of these issues from theoretical, practical, and cross disciplinary perspectives.

Global Perspectives

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Asbed Kotchikian
MOR 210

Students majoring in Business must also understand the global economy as well as distinct regions and cultures of the world; students and business leaders must further understand diverse ways of thinking, communicating, acting, doing business, and governing. This concentration gives students a foundation in global perspectives that has the potential to cut across an array of disciplines and geographic areas.

Health and Industry

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Helen Meldrum
MOR 277

This concentration allows students to explore the broad implications of health from a core course in human biology through its multifaceted applications to individuals, industry, and society. This program exposes students to both scientific and humanistic aspects of human biology, psychology, health and disease that have applications in personal development, health, and wellness.  Students also have the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills that can advance careers that touch on aspects of healthcare such as leading biopharmaceutical development, marketing healthcare products or services, administering health plans or benefits, managing healthcare providers, and institutions, financing companies in the healthcare or biopharmaceutical sectors, and contributing the increasing complex issues of public health and the economic implications of an aging population.

Media Arts and Society

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Anna Siomopoulos
AAC 073

Grounded in the discipline of English with a cultural studies approach, the Media Arts and Society LSM aims to engage students in critical discourse about the uses and effects of modern media, increase knowledge about media technology, and encourage creative thinking through the use of such media. This concentration has a “hands on” component in which students work directly with video, graphic design, digital photography, and sound design in creative ways producing, for example, video projects.

Quantitative Perspectives

LSM Requirements | Sample Study Plan

Predescu, Mihaela
MOR 392

The liberally educated person knows how to be a critical thinker, and a critical thinker asks good questions.  To take a quantitative perspective on the world means that the questions we form can be best be answered with some analytical thinking about real data or theoretical models.   When discussing a current issue like the large number of people without adequate health care, the quantitative thinker might ask, “How many people have this problem?  How do we know?  Is lack of health care highly associated with level of education?  How much does the problem vary between highly industrialized nations and the third world?  How much does it vary between countries of similar development?”  A quantitative perspective on the world provides a useful, and often beautifully enlightening, way to engage questions.

The proposed liberal studies major in quantitative perspectives (LSM-QP) is different than a traditional math major or minor in that it does not focus on a large set of skills and techniques, but rather on considering how to make the connections between quantitative analysis and other disciplines.