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NEASC Self-Study

Welcome to the Bentley University New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)  re-accreditation website. As part of a regular ten-year cycle of review by NEASC’s Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE), Bentley University submitted a comprehensive self-study report to the NEASC Commissioners and peer review team on February 10, 2013. It is presented below for review.

NEASC Standard 01: Mission and Purpose

NEASC Standard 02: Planning

NEASC Standard 03: Organization and Governance

NEASC Standard 04: Academic Programs

NEASC Standard 05: Faculty

NEASC Standard 06: Students

NEASC Standard 07: Library and Other Information Resources

NEASC Standard 08: Physical and Other Technological Resources

NEASC Standard 09: Financial Resources

NEASC Standard 10: Public Disclosure

NEASC Standard 11: Integrity

The self-study report has involved all areas of the university in a process of self-examination. It reflects the work not only of the Steering Committee and working group members listed below, but also of many other members of the Bentley community.  The report responds to very specific NEASC standards linked to re-accreditation and appraises Bentley’s operations within the context of these standards. Bentley’s self-study also provides information for an external peer evaluation team. This team, assembled by NEASC, is visiting Bentley from March 24 to 27, 2013 to meet with faculty, staff and students and to gain a firsthand knowledge of the institution.

NEASC Steering Committee:

Vicki Lafarge: Steering Committee Chair

Gloria Larson and Linda McJannet (Standard One: Mission and Purposes)

Joann McKenna and Bill Buchholz (Standard Two: Planning and Evaluation)

Mike Page and Aaron Nurick (Standard Three: Organization and Governance)

Dorothy Feldman and Juliet Gainsborough (Standard Four: The Academic Program)

Dan Everett and Pat Flynn (Standard Five: Faculty)

Andrew Shepardson and Dave Carhart (Standard Six: Students)

Chip Wiggins and Phil Knutel (Standard Seven: Library and Other Technological Resources)

Bev Earle (Standard Eight: Physical and Technological Resources)

Bill Torrey and Donna Fletcher (Standard Nine: Financial Resources)

David Perry and Simon Moore (Standard Ten: Public Disclosure)

Earl Avery, Bob Frederick, Tony Buono (Standard Eleven: Integrity)

Paul Carberry (Foundation Relations)

Susan Cocuzzo-Capolino ( AAERAS)

Jalila El-Jadidi (AAERAS)

Brinda Sood (AAERAS)

Kelly Murphy (Institutional Research)

Jim Salsbury (Assurance of Learning)

NEASC Standards Working Groups

1.       Mission and Purposes: Co-Conveners: Linda McJannet and Gloria Larson

·   Paul Carberry

·   Wiley Davi

·   Tracy Noga

·   Mike Page

2.        Planning and Evaluation: Co-Conveners: Bill Buchholz and Joann McKenna

·   John Leeth

·   Kelly Murphy

·   Nada Nasr

3.       Organization and Governance: Co-Conveners: Aaron Nurick and Mike Page

·   Alina Chircu

·   Ann Dexter

·   Bev Earle

·   Judy Malone

·   Joe Newpol

4.       Academic Programs: Co-Conveners:  Dorothy Feldmann, Juliet Gainsborough and Chip Wiggins

·   Jane Ellis

·   Lucy Kimball

·   Sue Newell

·   Jim Salsbury

·   Natalie Schlegel

5.       Faculty: Co-Conveners: Pat Flynn and Dan Everett

·         Tim Anderson 

·         Joan Atlas

·         Linda Edelman

·         Charlie Hadlock

·         Phil Knutel 

·         Kristi Minnick 

·         Mark Nixon

·         Mary Ann Robbert

·         Christian Rubio

6.       Students: Co-Conveners: Dave Carhart and Andrew Shepardson

·   Andy Aylesworth

·   Roger Danchise

·   Kevin Piskadlo

·   George Thompson

7.       Library and Other Information Resources: Co-Conveners: Phil Knutel and Chip Wiggins

·   Iris Berdrow

·   Bill Gribbons

·   Jane Tchaicha

·   Les Waguespack

8.       Physical and Technological Resources: Co-Conveners: Bev Earle and Traci Logan

·   Julie Britt

·   Mark Frydenberg

·   Tom Kane

·   Phil Knutel

·   Rick Oches

·   Pat Rogers

·   Bill Schiano

9.       Financial Resources: Co-Conveners: Donna Fletcher, Paul Clemente and Bill Torrey

·   Mohammed Abdolmohammadi

·   Nancy Antunes

·   Gary David

·   Chris Beneke

10.   Public Disclosure: Co-Conveners: Simon Moore and David Perry

·   Katherine Blake

·   Gordon Hardy

·   Tony Kiszewski

·   Michele Walsh

·   Joni Seager

11.   Integrity: Co-Conveners: Tony Buono, Bob Frederick and Earl Avery

·   Cynthia Clark Williams

·   Ann Dexter

·   Ellen Snedeker

·   Duncan Spelman