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Bentley Data Innovation Network

Bentley Data Innovation Network brings together scholars from Bentley University and our partner organizations to create insights on data-driven innovation. Join us to understand how intelligent use of data is transforming human activity and the impacts of these changes. 

Conceptually, the Network is based on the data innovation value chain framework presented in the figure below. The model recognizes the importance of understanding and analyzing the entire data innovation value chain and the pervasive themes (such as auditing, finance, policy and governance; security and privacy, etc.) that affect all aspects of the whole. Bentley has capabilities in all of these areas, but our true strength is in our ability to bring these perspectives together both within Bentley and across organizational boundaries. Together, we strive to understand how they collectively impact individuals’ and organizations’ ability to innovate with data. 

The high-level objectives of the network are as follows:

  1. Performing, enabling and supporting influential transdisciplinary scholarly work on data-driven innovation by Bentley faculty and their partners in broad external networks.
  2. Highlighting and communicating Bentley’s integrated capabilities related to data-driven innovation to local, national, and global audiences.
  3. Making high-quality collaboration on topics related to data-driven innovation with both industry and academic external stakeholder groups easier and less costly for Bentley faculty members and research initiatives.
  4. Discovering the needs of external stakeholders that the network could best serve and the profile(s) of the most promising external partners. Based on this, the network will over time be able to formulate the actions it needs to take to be a strong collaborator.