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Setting the Stage for Inclusion

Student-Organized Black United Body Fashion Show Helps Build a Diverse Community

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Bentley In the News

4 Advantages Of Supporting An Employee's Side Business

July 16, 2019

Market research from Bentley University is highlighted for finding that 66 percent of millennials want to start their own business. 

Creating an ethical work culture

July 15, 2019

86 percent of millennials consider it a main priority to work for a business that conducts itself ethically and responsibly, according to market research from Bentley.

The Effects of Uncertainty on Economic Outcomes

July 10, 2019

Assistant Professor of Economics Laura Jackson Young co-authors a blog post highlighting how uncertainty has a negative impact on the overall economy. The post was cited during recent senate hearings on monetary policy. 

More Women Should Study Entrepreneurship

July 02, 2019

Management Professor Linda Edelman explains how to make entrepreneurship more appealing to women.