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Business Leaders Address Time Management, Demands, and Balance at Center for Women and Business Best Practices Forum


Business Leaders Address Time Management, Demands, and Balance at Center for Women and Business Best Practices Forum

The Center for Women and Business at Bentley University today convenes its latest Best Practices Forum: “Time Out! Rethinking ‘Time’ and the Ways We Work.” Bringing together a group of prominent and diverse  influencers, experts and practitioners, the one-day conference features CEOs, C-Suite leaders, consultants and academics who will explore issues related to overwork, provide examples of how various companies and professional services firms are addressing them, and allow participants to raise questions and to share with one another their own ideas and concerns. Speakers include:

  • Robin Ely, Diane Doerge Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
  • Karol Rose, Principal, FlexPaths
  • Marcy Axelrad, Global Senior Director, Talent Operations, Wayfair
  • Casey Carlson Senior Manager, Global Talent & Immigration, Deloitt
  • Ashley Peterson Group, VP, HR, Discovery Communications
  • Aida Sabo, VP, Diversity/Inclusion, Cardinal Health
  • Elaine Walker, Lecturer, Management Department, Bentley University
  • Joseph Morford, Managing Partner, Tucker Ellis LLP
  • Suzanne Roeder, Head of Business Operations & Consulting Programs, Bain & Company
  • Susan Adams, Senior Managing Director, Center for Women and Business, Bentley University

In virtually every business setting today, increased time demands and a culture of pervasive overwork present a range of unattractive options for men and women at all stages of their careers, from entry level to CEO. While the burdens of escalating time demands have fallen disproportionately upon women, the issue is one that adversely affects men as well.

In the past several years, increasing numbers of young men and women are rejecting jobs that once were viewed as extremely attractive or are accepting positions with the intention of leaving as soon as they obtain the training and compensation they need in order to move on to something more consistent with their values and career goals. Thus, it has become far more difficult for both corporations and professional services firms to recruit, retain and advance to leadership positions the talent they need in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

At the forum, participants will learn:

  • New ways to think about how time demands and stress are affecting turnover, productivity and morale among your workforce.
  • Questions to ask and data to collect in order to assess the effectiveness of responses to the escalation of time demands on your workforce.
  • Results of research on how men and women are approaching the competing demands of life and work.
  • Opportunity to connect with, share and learn from peers who are confronting similar challenges in their workplaces.

For more information, please visit the Center for Women and Business website or contact Tatiana Mullaney at or (781) 891-2011.



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