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Universidad de Navarra March 22, 2018

Bentley University is one of the first three schools in the United States to offer exchange programs aimed at business students from the University of Navarra's. 

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Fox News March 22, 2018

"[T]here is nothing illegal about companies...using gathered data for political campaigns. Their liability relates to allegedly having received the data and used it without the permission of Facebook," says Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, in this opinion piece. 

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by Joanna Howarth March 22, 2018

Many low-income communities don’t have access to the fresh, healthy food that many of us take for granted. A group of Bentley students hoped to change that by putting their training to work to help a local mobile food organization better serve its customers.

Chicago Booth Review March 19, 2018

Economics Professor Dhaval Dave's research suggests, “'[e-cigarette] use reduces smoking by adults,” who cut down on cigarettes while using e-cigs.'" 

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Waltham News Tribune March 19, 2018

Bentley student, Reginald Fils ('19), is highlighted for receiving a grant for creating programs that emphasize the relationship between community activism and entrepreneurship. 

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CTV News March 18, 2018

Senior Lecturer of Russian History Leonid Trofimov gives his take on president Vladimir Putin's re-election and what it means for Russia. 

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CommonWealth Magazine March 15, 2018

In this opinion piece, Fred Ledley, director of center for integration of science and industry, addresses the impact the NIH has on essential new drugs coming to market and how proposed Trump cuts would slow progress in developing new cures.

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Wall Street Journal March 15, 2018

Economics Professor Dhaval Dave's new research finds evidence that prohibiting an employer from asking if an applicant has a criminal record is associated with an increase in property crime among working-age Hispanic men.

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Online Career Tips March 13, 2018

Dawn-Marie Driscoll, executive fellow and advisory board member of the Center for Business Ethics, comments on the importance of business ethics. 

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Inside Higher Ed March 12, 2018

Management professor Susan Adams comments on the powerful effect salary transparency has on women's career trajectory. 

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