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Bentley Group Takes Expertise to the Street

Meet four people with three things in common: serious expertise in the field of finance, Manhattan business addresses, and strong ties to a certain university in Waltham, Massachusetts. Here, a trio of Bentley alumni and one current parent share the paths that brought them to the New York offices of blue-chip giant Goldman Sachs.

Finance Runs in the Family

Bentley parent Michael DeVito knew early on that he wanted to work in finance. He started his first job on Wall Street even before officially earning a college degree. The year was 1982.

Opportunity Ensured: J. Paul Condrin ’83

The security and peace of mind associated with having insurance may suggest that working in the industry is similarly sedate. For J. Paul Condrin ’83, nothing could be further from the truth.

The president of commercial markets at Liberty Mutual moves a mile-a-minute, overseeing the company’s entire commercial operation. At any given moment, his focus could be anywhere from strategy and marketing to revenue growth and profitability.

“No two days are alike,” he says with obvious relish. “There is constant pressure to improve and grow our business.”

Investment Potential: Lawrence Hughes ’80

Every so often, a classic made-for-the-movies American success story unfolds in real life. Someone takes a chance on a spirited kid who hasn’t had a lot of breaks. The hunch proves correct, as hard work and talent open doors to previously unimagined opportunity. That’s the story of Bentley University and BNY Mellon senior executive Lawrence Hughes ’80.

Hughes’s story began in Somerville, Mass. His mother was a waitress. His father, a truck driver, died when Hughes was 15.

“I had to grow up kind of fast,” he says. “I‘ve had a job since I was 10 years old.”

Raymer Maguire ’10 and Joe Stokes ’09: Keys of Success

Raymer Maguire ’10 (right) and Joe Stokes ’09 have made it their business to keep drunk drivers off the road. Their entrepreneurial venture is called Boston’s Designated Driver (BDD).

Upon request, the company sends a primary driver to meet clients at an appointed location and take them home in their own car. A second driver follows to retrieve the BDD colleague after the drop-off. Prices are based on distance and start at $30 for trips under five miles.

Linda Smith '86 and Maureen Sullivan '85: Not by the Numbers

CPA Linda (Leggett) Smith ’86 (far left) has never spent a day in a corporate accounting office. Instead, her 9-to-5 time unfolds in church basements, orphanages and catering kitchens, balancing the books of nonprofits, small businesses and individuals. She and Maureen (Igo) Sullivan ’85 run a nine-person, all-female accounting firm in Westborough, Mass.

Smith launched the venture in 1993, upon leaving a small CPA practice whose owner was retiring. She ran a solo office in Framingham for four years before hiring her first employee.

Gary Druckenmiller ’95: New Wave

Gary Druckenmiller ’95 has two loves: boating and creating websites. So when he began to consider possibilities for launching a business in 2007, inspiration struck quickly.

His venture – – offers online social networking exclusively for the marine community, from weekend sailors to boat builders, suppliers and other industry professionals. Druckenmiller describes the web site as a hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn, incorporating the best features of each.

Making Her Way Back: Tracy Taback '02

Tracy Taback was on top of the world in 2003. The summa cum laude graduate had a great apartment in Waltham, a rewarding job at a Westborough marketing firm, and plenty of friends.

Then, one October morning, misfortune struck. Taback parked her car at the office and found she could not move.

“I looked from my knees to the steering wheel, from the steering wheel to my knees,” recalls the alumna, who placed a panicked phone call to her mother, two hours away in Connecticut. So began a grueling five years of doctor visits, misdiagnoses, and a life on hold.


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