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Winter 2009

New Housing Option has Global Outlook

Living Large

Orchard North has branched out. The apartment-style building is home to the new Global Living Center, whose 60 student residents are diverse in their geography, language, culture and gender.

“We live in an increasingly smaller world, and our students need to be able to communicate in that world,” explains Director of Residence Life John Piga. “We’re fostering that learning by creating a microcosm of the planet in a residence hall.”

The Truth About Entrepreneurs

In a treasure trove of data on entrepreneurs, two Bentley management professors unearthed perplexing truths about how people start businesses. Even now, having penned numerous articles and book chapters on the topic, they wonder at the paths that entrepreneurs take. Logic and neat patterns need not apply.

Out of the Shadows

Chile struggles with legacy of dictatorship

When Kristin Sorensen made her first doctoral research trip to Chile, she packed light. “I used a cardboard box for a table, and bought a couple of pieces of camping furniture for the living room,” she says of the 2002 visit. “I didn’t want to invest in a lot, because I knew I’d be leaving soon.”

Now, seven years and eight return trips later, Sorensen has invested plenty. The Bentley assistant professor of global studies has built a career around her passion to understand Chile’s struggles in the aftermath of dictatorship.

Literature in a Novel Form

Graphic novel: lit or lite? Had you posed that question to Diane Tetreault five years ago, the instructor in English would have been firmly in the “lite” camp.

“My daughters were always avid readers,” says the professor, admitting that she had never tried the genre herself. “When I saw one of them reading a graphic novel, my attitude was, ‘Can’t you read a real book?’”

Mary Cail '47: Award-Winning Volunteer

In Good Company

Some may look at what Mary Cail ’47 does as good deeds, but she sees it as good fun. The Bentley alumna, a 2009 recipient of the Unsung Heroine of Massachusetts award, spends her days helping others in various ways, including offering rides to fellow senior citizens in her 1993 Chrysler.

“I enjoy it, because we have a lot of laughs,” says Cail. “It goes to show, you can have fun [volunteering].”

Undercover Expert Kerry O'Brien '93

What Lies Beneath

You won’t see fashions by Kerry O’Brien ’93 on a runway in Paris. In fact, you aren’t supposed to see them at all. Her six-year-old company is aiming to reinvent the world of women’s undergarments.

The alumna didn’t set out to pioneer a line of mention-worthy unmentionables. After earning her BS in Business Communication, she fixed her sights on corporate public relations and accepted a position at Edelman Communications in New York City. By age 25, she had earned the title of vice president.


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