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From the Alumni Association President

This article originally appeared in the Bentley Magazine.

From the Alumni Association President


Over the last several decades, Bentley has seen significant transformation, thanks in no small part to the continued involvement of alumni. Our personal and professional achievements, our financial support, and our volunteerism have helped take the school from its humble but proud roots on Boylston Street to its place as a premier, internationally recognized business university.

Many of you have told me how proud you are of the Bentley story. I’ve seen a genuine sense of community among alumni, one that both builds and depends on friendships and business relationships. We are eager to return to the campus as volunteers, to mentor today’s students, to give back and be a part of a place that was once – and will always be – home.

The Alumni Association, like Bentley itself, must continue to evolve if we are to be effective in serving more than 40,000 graduates spread across the globe. It is time to pause and ask some important questions: What do alumni want from their organization? Where does Bentley most need our help? What does a future Alumni Association look like, and how can we start building it today?

In the months ahead,  I will join fellow officers P.J. Neal  ’02 and Anik Merchea ’07 MBA, working in close partnership with Leigh Gaspar (managing director, alumni, parents and friends), to develop a strategic plan for the association. Our goal is an organization that meets the needs of the school and its alumni, today and tomorrow. We will be reaching out to you for input and insights to inform this new strategy. We are counting on your help to create a plan that strengthens the alumni community and your connections to Bentley.

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we work to grow an Alumni Association that reflects a world-class educational institution like ours.


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