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Travel Abroad Leaves Lasting Impressions

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This article originally appeared in the Bentley Magazine.

Travel Abroad Leaves Lasting Impressions

International experiences open up the senses to a new world. Bentley faculty, staff and students who traveled for business, pleasure or to study abroad put their best images forward for an annual contest sponsored by the Cronin Office of International Education. Here are the winning entries for 2012.


First Place

Emily Silver ’14

Hometown: Larchmont, N.Y.

Major: Marketing

Photo taken: Andes Mountains, Peru

“On a 10-day trek through the Andes, I came across a young girl and her puppy. I engaged in conversation and proceeded to buy her lunch. Overwhelmingly appreciative of the gesture, she asked that I take a picture and send it so she could remember this day.

“To me this picture is so much more than a young Peruvian girl holding a cute puppy. It tells the story of a rare and unique encounter that I will never forget. It was astonishing to learn that the girl had trekked three hours to reach this small town, in hopes of returning home with some money for her family — a six-hour commute that was part of her daily routine. I am beyond thrilled to have been able to share this story with so many people.”


Second Place

Andrew Fox ’13

Hometown: Norfolk, Mass.

Major: Economics–Finance

Studied at: John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

Photo taken: Venice, Italy

“I enjoyed this photo because there are different elements going on. It encapsulates the uniqueness of Venice by focusing on the gondolas passing by. I was particularly struck by the silence of the city, with boats as the main form of transportation rather than cars. The unique architecture seen in the distance speaks to the differences between Europe and the United States.

“My study abroad experience has been the best three months of my life far and away. It has allowed me to not only experience different cultures, but enjoy incredible personal change and growth. I was forced to become independent and confident and to care less about what other people think of me. By opening up, I’ve heard many people’s unique stories and shared my own.”


Third Place

Jeff Breault ’14

Hometown: Laconia, New Hampshire

Major: Marketing and Liberal Studies/Ethics and Social Responsibility

Studied at: Vesalius College, Brussels, Belgium

Photo taken: Amsterdam, Netherlands

“While roaming the streets and alleys of Amsterdam, I was inspired by the lively atmosphere and unique culture of the city. I decided to look at my surroundings more closely through the lens of my camera. This photo captured the vibrant colors that I felt so accurately reflected the energy of the city.

“After the trip, I felt motivated to look for the beauty in every situation and take advantage of new opportunities. This ultimately led me to be more accepting of new ideas and I feel I have become more aware of the world around me.”


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