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Business Studies Major

Bentley is committed to offering students innovative ways to combine the study of business with the liberal arts. Those students who choose to pursue a Bachelors degree in an Arts & Sciences discipline at Bentley can combine their chosen area of study with a second major in Business Studies. The BSM introduces students to the core business disciplines and provides students another way to take full advantage of the unique way our curriculum blends business and the arts and sciences.

The BSM is an optional second major open only to students majoring in a program in an arts and sciences discipline (currently, these are: Actuarial Sciences, Global Studies, History, Liberal Arts, Mathematical Sciences, Media and Culture, Philosophy, Public Policy, Spanish Studies, and Sustainability Science), and only as a second major.  Students cannot pursue this major either on its own or in conjunction with another business major.

To fulfill the BSM, you must complete six required courses and two electives:

  • GB 110 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • GB 112 Tools and Concepts in Accounting and Finance
  • GB 212 Practice and Applications in Accounting and Finance
  • GB 213 Business Statistics
  • GB 214 Marketing-Operations Fundamentals
  • GB 215 Human Behavior and Organizations
  • Business Elective
  • Business Elective

For your two Business Electives, you may choose to deepen your knowledge in a particular area by selecting classes within a single discipline such as marketing, information design and corporate communication or management. You also can take courses in different disciplines but that focus on the same theme, such as nonprofits, technology or international business; or, you may choose to take two additional GB courses (GB 310, GB 320, GB 410).