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First Year Seminar

Two comprehensive programs are offered to assist and familiarize first year students with their educational and social adjustment during their first year at Bentley University: Orientation and the First Year Seminar.


Orientation introduces students to their new community, familiarizes students with campus departments and services, provides computer training, and engages students in social and cultural events. The program occurs in the days preceding the start of the semester, enabling new students to settle in and get acclimated prior to the arrival of returning students.

First Year Seminar

The first year seminar is a mandatory one-credit course for all first year students that is co-taught by a faculty member along with an upper-class student. The seminar utilizes classroom discussions, informational sessions, and readings that focus on issues relevant to academic success at Bentley. Course requirements include mandatory attendance at informational sessions, participation in small group discussions and a culminating journal reflecting on one’s personal experience and development during the fall semester. Each faculty member  will serve as the academic advisor for the students in that class for their first year at Bentley.  Students will be required to meet individually with their advisor to discuss and select their spring classes.

For more information on First Year Programs, contact PJ Dickson, Director, Educational Support Technology and First Year Academic Programs,, 781.891.2898.

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