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Falcon Fast-Track

Falcon Fast-Track is a streamlined process for motivated Bentley undergraduate students interested in earning both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in as little as five years.

Blended Term

Bentley Undergrads with at least a 3.2 GPA can begin Graduate coursework during the final semester of their senior year.

It is recommended that students meet with an advisor to discuss eligibility and course options.

Guidelines for Blended Term:

  • Graduate coursework may not be used toward undergraduate degree requirements.

  • Students can take up to two graduate courses, not to exceed a total of 16 credits in a semester.

  • Students may not enroll in GBEs or graduate internships.

  • Participants are not required to apply to graduate school.

  • Participants are not automatically enrolled in graduate school.

  • Students may only participate in one blended term.

  • Blended Terms are only allowed for either Fall or Spring terms.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance given to an undergraduate student will end upon completion of their undergraduate program.

Questions regarding the information below may be directed to the Financial Assistance office.

Need-Based Aid

The following information is for students who plan on applying for need-based aid.

The Office of Financial Assistance is responsible for administering need-based aid to qualified candidates. Please review carefully. Applying for graduate financial assistance is very similar to the undergraduate process. Students are required to file the following documents:

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Bentley Graduate Aid Application
  • Signed copy of their most recent federal tax return and W-2 Form(s)
  • The CSS Profile Form*

Bentley’s FAFSA code is 002124 and the CSS Profile code for graduate students is 3098

Merit-Based Aid

Merit aid (including scholarship and assistantship) is distributed based on the profile of applicants and funds available for each program. Students seeking merit aid are highly encouraged to apply by the Round 1 deadline for Fall admission to a graduate program. Falcon Fast-Track applicants are not required to submit GMAT or GRE scores to be considered for merit aid, though additional consideration is given for GMAT scores of 550 or higher or equivalent GRE test scores. Interested students should speak to Graduate Admission regarding any questions about merit-based aid.

    UG Aid in a Blended Term

    Undergraduate tuition is charged during a blended term. Recipients of need-based aid (grants or loans) and merit-based aid (scholarships) should adhere to the following guidelines to retain eligibility during their Blended Term:

    • Financial aid recipients must take at least six undergraduate credits and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to maintain eligibility for undergraduate aid.
    • Students receiving financial aid are permitted to take a maximum of two graduate courses during the Blended Term depending on their situation.
    • Students with undergraduate merit scholarships (awarded by Bentley University) will be allowed to receive their scholarship in the Blended Term, provided they still meet the GPA or other requirements.