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Progress Reporting

Academic Progress Reporting is a critical tool in our effort to reach students who are in academic difficulty at an early enough point in the semester to provide positive intervention. Your participation in this effort encourages communication among faculty, student, academic advisor, and the Office of Academic Services by electronically distributing progress reports which you submit.

Because early intervention with students in academic difficulty is our best method of providing assistance to students, we urge you to submit reports as early in the semester as you are able to gauge performance. Your participation in the reporting system is critical to our academic mission.  It is important that students receive any progress report information before the withdrawal deadline so they can communicate with you in a timely manner.

Our progress reporting system is through Workday under the “Interim Grade” tab which can be found through the Teaching and Advising icon. Please watch the video at How To Assign Interim Grades (Progress Reports) for a demonstration.

Interim Grades (Progress Reports) Job Aid: How To Assign Interim Grades (Progress Reports)

Bentley faculty and students have been pleased with the results of the program over the past several years.   If you have any questions regarding the progress reporting system,  please contact Leslie Doolittle, Executive Director of Academic Support Services, via e-mail or by phone at 781.891.2903.  

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