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Transfer Students

Bentley University is committed to providing an accessible, equitable, and inclusive learning environment. If you are having difficulty accessing information and need this content in an alternate format, please contact Assistant Dean, P.J. Dickson at or 781-891-2898.


Planning Your First Semester Classes

The day before the webinar we will provide you with specific first semester course requirements reflecting your personal transfer credit and your intended major at Bentley.  In the interim, we invite you to preview the information below so you can feel prepared to register on August 4th.

  • Academic Calendar - See here for information on the semester schedule, holidays, and when classes are not held. 
  • Block Schedule - Grid showcasing the Bentley Block Schedule; specifically; days and times of all classes.  Most day classes meet twice a week.  Evening classes, double block classes, and Saturday classes meet once a week. 
  • English Placement - Do you have questions about how Bentley determines your English placement? Here's a guide to understanding your personal placement.  
  • General Business Core - See this introduction and flowchart to better understand our GB course structure.   
  • Information Technology - All students must satisfy the IT 101 requirement in their first year at Bentley. If you do not have prior credit for IT 101, see here for specifics on the different tracks and options for your IT 101 course. 
  • Liberal Studies Major (LSM) - The LSM is an optional second major that can complement your business program at Bentley.  
  • Math Placement - The Math Department examines your math background to determine your personal placement.  Here is a guide to understanding your math placement.  
  • Modern Language Placement - If you are interested in selecting Modern Language as a course option for the first semester, see this helpful guide to self-selecting the Modern Language level that is right for you.  For more information, see the department website.  
  • Transfer Credit  - Please refer to this page for policies and procedures regarding credit that may be awarded for prior coursework. 


Prior to registration each semester we hold a live webinar for students to learn about the Bentley curriculum and how to register for classes. Incoming students interested in signing up can do so via their Online Orientation experience or the New Student checklist.

Registration Step-by-Step Guides: 

Additional Resources

  • Academic Labs and Learning Centers - Explore this page to learn about all the great places on campus where students can receive academic support.  
  • Advising Directory - Have a question for another department? See here for email and website information.
  • Undergraduate Catalogue  - Official current catalogue for the university that contains information such as course descriptions, degree requirements, program information, and policy and procedures.
  • Tuition Insurance - See here for information on protection your tuition investment. 

Welcome | Mission for Advising | Advising Model | Responsibilities/Supporting Roles for Academic Success
Advising Center Staff | Transfer Seminar Facilitators | Transfer Seminar 
Transfer Events 


Welcome to the Academic Advising Center’s web page designed specifically for Bentley’s transfer student population.  We are excited that you have chosen Bentley as the institution to complete your degree.  We realize that the transfer process can be an exciting yet challenging time.  The team members of the Undergraduate Academic Services are here to support you as you transition and immerse yourself in the Bentley curriculum and culture.  It is our mission to create a comfortable, engaging and informative environment while providing a collaborative working relationship with various professional staff members, current students and faculty members at Bentley.

Mission for Advising

The Undergraduate Academic Services is a student-centered resource that works in partnership with Bentley undergraduates to help them succeed academically and personally. Providing a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, along with meaningful one-on-one advising sessions, informative programs, and comprehensive support services, the Academic Advising team consistently works to meet students where they are. Engaging with the advisors, programs, and services of the Undergraduate Academic Services, Bentley students can take charge of their own education, developing into successful professionals and lifelong learners.

Advising Model

Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the many resources available to help them identify and achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals.

  • First Year/Transfer Advisors:  All first-year and transfer students are assigned a faculty or staff member as their primary academic advisor during their first semester on campus.  These formally assigned advisors are available to assist students with early curriculum planning as well as provide support with any academic and social adjustment issues during the transition to college.
  • Professional Advisors:  All Undergraduate students have access to the undergraduate professional advising staff in the Office of Academic Services.  Advisors are available to help students with a wide range of issues including: Major and Minor selection, study abroad planning, academic difficulty intervention, strategies for enhancing academic success, and help with course selection.
  • Peer Advisors:  Each year, the Office of Academic Services recruits a select group of upper-class peer advisors to be available on a drop-in basis.  Peers work closely with the professional advisors and are an additional resource for students looking for general academic advising assistance.  Peers have been extensively trained to provide accurate and friendly service, and have the ability to address a variety of student questions and concerns with objectivity.


  • Faculty:  Our faculty have diverse backgrounds and an abundance of experience and knowledge in their particular field. Bentley students are encouraged to use our expert faculty as exploratory and advisory resources.  The faculty’s expertise within their chosen fields allows students to benefit from their knowledge of career options, course options, and research opportunities.

Responsibilities and Supporting Roles for Academic Success

Student Responsibilities for Academic Success:

  • Transfer students must connect and meet with their advisor per Transfer Seminar requirements.
  • Transfer students should continue to connect with their assigned advisor or a professional advisor in the Undergraduate Academic Services at least once a semester.
  • Students should prepare for their advising appointments.  
  • Students must become familiar with policies, procedures and the relationship between their decisions and the subsequent outcomes.
  • It is strongly encouraged for First & Second Year Students to attend programs to explore major/minor options and other academic opportunities.
  • Students should become familiar with the wide variety of academic resources on campus.
  • All students should to connect with various members of the Bentley community (faculty, staff and student leaders).
  • Working with advisors, faculty, staff and parents, students should create and continually clarify personal and professional goals.
  • Students must accept responsibility for the actions or inactions that impact their academic progression and plan.

Academic Advisor Role:

  • The Undergraduate Academic Services will provide a safe, non-judgmental and comfortable advising atmosphere.
  • Advisors will participate in frequent professional development/training.
  • Advisors will adopt a clear understanding of the undergraduate curriculum and the tools necessary to assist students in developing appropriate academic plans as well as personal and professional goals.
  • Advisors will be knowledgeable about academic opportunities and be able to recommend a course of study (when appropriate) that is congruent with the student’s professional and personal goals.
  • Advisors will provide the appropriate amount of challenge and support that encourages the development of decision making skills.
  • Advisors provide intervention for students who receive progress reports and/or other notifications of possible failure or concerns.
  • Advisors will appropriately refer student to college support services (counseling, career services, residence life, multicultural center, education abroad, etc) when necessary.

Advising Staff

PJ Dickson, Director, Advising and New Student Academic Programs

Melissa Jenkins, Senior Associate Director

Meghan Charbonneau, Senior Academic Advisor

Valerie Como, Senior Academic Advisor

Karina Ovalles, Senior Academic Advisor

Amy Weber, Senior Academic Advisor

Catalina Ocampo, Academic Advisor

Transfer Seminar

Transfer Seminar is a 6-week seminar designed to facilitate the intellectual, social, and personal transition of students to Bentley University. The goal of Transfer Seminar is to assist students with their adjustment to Bentley and to increase the likelihood that they will be academically and socially successful at Bentley University.

Transfer Seminar is taught by a professional staff member who will also serve as the students’ academic advisor.  In addition, each seminar will have the benefit of a student facilitator – a former transfer student who can share experiences, perspectives and make a positive impact on the new student experience.

Transfer Seminar Facilitators
Isabella (Bella) Capone
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing
Minor: Information Design and Corporate Communications

Hometown: Windham, NH

Previous College: University of Maine, Orono

Why I chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I wanted to be a part of a more academically motivated student body and because of the opportunities I would have after graduation.

How I picked my major:  I really enjoy being creative and collaborating with other people, so I think Marketing and IDCC is the right field for me!

Favorite class I have taken at Bentley: My favorite class that I have taken so far is definitely marketing and operations because it made me realize that marketing was what I wanted to do.

Bentley student activities I have been involved in: Analyst for the Energy Sector in the Bentley Investment Group, member of the Bentley Women’s Club Rugby, Fellow through the Center of Women in Business (Spring 2018)

What I love most about Bentley: I love that people care so much about what they are studying and are preparing for their futures the best that they can.  Everyone is so driven and truly want to succeed.

One piece of advice I have for students: Get involved!  Try it all and have fun.  There will be a lot of time in the classroom and studying, but try extracurricular activities that you are passionate about.  It is a great way to make friends and boost your resume.

Timothy (Tim) Phillip Corsello
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Information Systems

Hometown: Portland, Maine

Previous College: American University

Why I chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I was looking for a strong business oriented college in New England.

How I picked my major:  I’ve always been good with computers and after taking a couple classes on CIS I discovered a passion for it.

Favorite class I have taken at Bentley: Abnormal Psychology because I had a very interesting and passionate teacher that made it easy to go to class and easy to learn about the material. Additionally, the professor did an excellent job of showing us how the in class material is applicable to life.

Bentley student activities I have been involved in: Secretary of the Bentley Ultimate Society and Member of Bentley Cooking Society.

What I love most about Bentley: Everyone has a passion for business! Everyone takes the same core classes and it makes it significantly easier to work together. Since you get assigned team projects in almost all of your Bentley classes, starting with the same base knowledge is very helpful.

One piece of advice I have for students: Put in the extra effort to make your own life easier. Can’t do work in your room? Then don’t, go to the library or the student center or find an empty classroom. Been staring at the same page for an hour not able to write anything? Stop writing and work out, take a shower, go for a walk, or anything to reset yourself and then try again. Having trouble with math or accounting or writing? Go to the writing center, math lab, or the ACE lab. It’s up to you to make your life easier.

Laurensia Charlene Gono (Charlene)
Year: Senior
Major: Economics and Finance
Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Previous College: Diablo Valley College

Why I chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I realized that Bentley provides their students with the best business-related resources from databases to networking events as compared to my other choices.

How I picked my major: Initially I started out as a finance major, but I figured that a balance between economics and finance would help me develop a better understanding of both the market and how it affects the dynamic of a business instead of just learning the finance aspect.

Favorite class I have taken at Bentley: By far, my favorite class was GB-215 (Human Behavior & Organizations). This is mainly because it involves both business and psychology in one course which are both my areas of interest. But I also had the best professor who constantly engages the class and is always very supportive.

Bentley student activities I have been involved in: Bentley Indonesian Student Association (BISA), Bentley Investment Group (BIG)

What I love most about Bentley: How much they prepare you for post-graduation. During my year at Bentley, I realized that Bentley gives an abundance of opportunities for students to network and to join career fairs to see what occupations they might consider having in the future. Bentley also has Career Development classes and ensures that their students are familiar with the process. This has helped me immensely in the past, seeing that I was quite unfamiliar with the job searching process, especially as an international student.

One piece of advice I have for students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whenever you feel like struggling, reach out to your professors. They will most definitely do their best to help you. Utilize other Bentley resources such as the tutoring center. Everyone is very friendly here and they will most definitely help you. 

Nanami Hokama
Year: Senior
Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting
Minor: Data Technology

Hometown: Okinawa, Japan

Previous College: Bunker Hill Community College

Why I chose Bentley: I knew that I wanted to study business related subjects when I started college in Boston. To make the best decision possible, I researched many colleges and reached out to some friends who are going to those schools. Having a great reputation about undergraduate programs, career services, and chats with my friends, I have decided to transfer to Bentley out of all other colleges that I considered.

How I picked my major: I was a Finance major student for my first semester. By having conversation with my friends who pursue other majors made me interested in exploring other majors as well so I changed my major to Corporate Finance and Accounting. I thought having both knowledge from Finance and Accounting would help me in the future to figure out a big picture of business world or jobs that I would do. Honestly, I am thankful to pursue this major because I’ve had better understanding for my jobs during the past summer internship.

Favorite class I have taken at Bentley: My favorite class is FI 351, International Finance. I really liked Finance classes because these classes give me deep insights on what is going on in the real world. All Bentley students have access to Wall Street Journal so you can relate what you learned from class to some headlines of news. The class goes fast and you need to study a lot to be able to know the concepts but it is worth it.

Bentley student activities I have been involved in: I am involved in WorldView Ambassador Program and Bentley Investment Club. As a WorldView Ambassador, I participate in some classes or panel discussions to give Bentley students different perspectives for other countries. In terms of Bentley Investment Club, I join weekly meeting and general body meeting to have deep knowledge about investment. They talk about current trends and perform pitches to present investment options.

What I love most about Bentley: Students are eager to learn and participate in many activities. Also, there are many activities throughout the semester such as free weekly language courses, movie shows, and seasonal events.  Because of that, I don’t feel too much stress about academic work and I can relax and join those non-academic activities.

One piece of advice I have for students: At first, it is a little bit overwhelming to adjust to new environment but students here are nice and welcoming.  I think being involved in activities is the best way to adjust to Bentley culture quickly.

Sarah Van Steenbergen
​​​​​​​Year: Senior
Major: Finance
Minor: Marketing

Hometown: Old Lyme, CT

Previous College: Fairfield University

Why I chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I fell in love with it the moment I stepped on campus. The combination of its close proximity to Boston, amazing career services, and Trading Room led me to my choice of transferring.  

How I picked my major: I love finance, piecing together the story that numbers tell you is an invigorating challenge. Not only that, but there are many career paths one can choose with finance as a major.

Favorite class I have taken at Bentley: My favorite class at Bentley was my FI306 class, Capital Markets and Investing. The course was extremely challenging, but my professor taught us so much about how to apply what you learn in the classroom to real life examples.

Bentley student activities I have been involved in: Member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, Colleges Against Cancer, I work in the Trading Room.

What I love most about Bentley: I love everything about Bentley; the people, the professors, the campus. To choose just one thing just isn’t possible!

One piece of advice I have for students: Join as many things as you can, and don’t be scared to take risks. The only way to know if you’re making progress is by being uncomfortable, and though it’s scary it pays off in the long run.