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Visual Identity

Logos, Fonts and Colors

This system is designed to promote unity and clarity through consistent use of typography, colors and logos (our visual identity). Together, these elements provide instant recognition while conveying a sense of Bentley's character and style

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Institutional Identity

Bentley University logos

 The logo is the primary element of the Bentley graphic identity system and must appear on all Bentley communications. It can not be modified in any way.

The graphic components of the Bentley logo system are the:

  • university wordmark - The wordmark is a custom letterform of the name "Bentley University." It cannot be replicated through typesetting and can only appear in the Bentley color palette. The wordmark should always be accompanied by the shield (see logo lockups below)
  • shield - The shield is a supporting graphic or mark that emphasizes heritage and supports communications that have a more traditional, historic or formal visual identity. The shield should always be accompanied by the wordmark (see logo lockups below)
  • color palette - Our colors represent our professional and vibrant community.

Logo Lockup: Vertical Stacked 

Logo Lockup Vertical Stacked



Logo Lockup: Horizontal Stacked 

Logo Lockup Horizontal Stacked 


Unit Identity Lockups

Unit Logos

The unit identity lockup distinguishes a specific unit of the university. When determining which academic or administrative unit should be represented as a logo, communicators should determine which entity is the highest appropriate authority for a piece of communication to ensure clarity.

McCallum Graduate School Logo Lockup: Horizontal Stacked 

Graduate Logo Lockup Horizontal Stacked



McCallum Graduate School Logo Lockup: Vertical Stacked 

Graduate Logo Lockup vertica Stacked



Administrative Unit Logo Lockup (example)

Student Affairs



Athletic Identity

Athletic Logos

The graphic components of the Bentley athletic logo system are the:

  • athletic shield - Use of the athletics shield is restricted to Bentley athletics and cannot be used to represent an academic or administrative unit or in conjunction with the institutional and/or unit logos.
  • spirit mark (Falcon) - Our spirit mark is the most casual of our brand assets and while seen predominantly in athletics, it is available for use across the university to enhance spirit and pride. This mark should never be used in place of our institutional mark and reserved for applications that support student life and athletics.

Athletic Shield: External Version 

The external version (with Bentley) is intended for broad public audiences or situations where the Bentley context has not been established.

Athletic Shield External Version



Athletic Shield: Internal Version 

The external version (without Bentley) is intended for campus audiences or situations where the Bentley context has been established.

Athletic Shield Internal Version



Spirit Mark



Typography / Fonts

Typography / Fonts

The choice of fonts is a critical element in establishing our visual identity. Used together, these two official fonts or typefaces create a clear hierarchy while making content legible and engaging:

  • Helvetica Neue: Helvetica Neueu is our sans-serif family and a workhorse for our communications, performing well in longer-form text.The standard version of Helvetica installed on your computer is adequate for most projects.
  • Caecilia: Caecilia is our serif family and performs well at small sizes and doses.  

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Our primary palette conveys a professional and subdued tone while our secondary palette conveys a vibrant, informal tone. The secondary colors should be used occasionally and sparingly and the primary colors should remain predominant. 

Bentley Blue

PMS: 3005
4C: C100 M35 Y0 K0
RGB: R0 G117 B190
HEX: #0075BE

Dark Blue

PMS: 295
4C: C100 M50 Y0 K40
RGB: R54 G83 B117
HEX: #365375


PMS: 7406
4C: C0 M18 Y100 K0
RGB: R255 G207 B1

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