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How do I purchase tickets for a Campus Connections event? 

It's easy! To purchase tickets:

  • Login to MyBentley
  • Click on Faculty/Staff Self-Service on the left hand side
  • Purchase Events ticket.

You then select the event of your choice and indicate how many tickets you'd like to purchase, up to the maximum allowed for that event. The screen will show you how many tickets are available for the event. 

You then enter your credit card information. All Campus Connections ticket sales will now be made by credit card - Discover, MasterCard or Visa. The charge is immediately processed to your card. Press the submit button only once to make your purchase. 

You will be prompted to print out a receipt of your transaction. In some cases, events that have no real "tickets" issued, the receipt will serve as your ticket. For other events such as theater shows which have tickets and assigned seats, hold on to your receipt until you receive your actual tickets. Seats will be selected by the Campus Connections event planner, who will assign seats based on when tickets were purchased. You will be notified when your tickets are available for pick up.

Does Campus Connections subsidize all Connections events?

Yes, all events brought to you by the Campus Connections Committee are subsidized by Bentley as an employee benefit expense.


How do I make suggestions for events?

Just contact one of the Campus Connections Committee members or email the committee at


I have a large family (four children). I noticed that the maximum number of tickets I can buy is four for most family events. Is there any way to purchase more? 

In general, the policy is a two- or four-ticket maximum depending on the event, but we may make exceptions for certain events. Just contact if you would like to purchase additional tickets for your kids.


It turns out I can't attend an event I have purchased tickets for. What should I do? 

Always contact Campus Connections if you can't use your tickets. ( In some cases, there is a waiting list for tickets. We will contact people on the waiting list and you can sell your ticket to another Bentley faculty or staff member. Refunds will only be processed if Campus Connections is able to re-sell your ticket.  We ask that you not sell your tickets to someone outside the Bentley community. For our most popular events, we'd prefer that a member of the Bentley community have the opportunity to purchase those tickets first.


I want to purchase tickets to an event and give them to a friend or family member as a gift.  Can I do that? 

You can, as long as you also plan to attend the event. Tickets are deeply discounted for the enjoyment of faculty and staff, not as a savings on gifts for others, and one of the goals of Campus Connections is to get Bentley co-workers to get to know one another through attendance at these events, so please don't give them away! 


How many tickets does Campus Connections have available for its events? 

It depends on the event. For events which we expect to be popular we might purchase 100 or more tickets. For other events, we may have less than 20 tickets to sell. Either way, if you see an event advertised on email that you'd like to buy tickets for, we encourage you to get your tickets when they go on sale, so you don't miss out.