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Undergraduate Students

Computing Support for Undergraduate Students

Technology is incorporated into almost every aspect of learning at Bentley, uniquely positioning students to excel in their academic career. The Office of Client Services strives to provide students with the leading edge technology and support services they need to achieve success while at Bentley, and in their chosen career path.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Falcon Printing – All students have the ability to print from anywhere on campus using a print allowance, provided on a yearly basis. Learn more.

Master’s Candidate Students – Students in the Master's Candidate Program who are transitioning to the graduate program will have a different level of computing support services and will no longer participate in the Mobile Computing Program. Learn more.

Working for Client Services – A variety of employment opportunities are available to current students. Learn more.

Information for Graduating Seniors – Most applications on your laptop computer are legally licensed to remain installed after graduation, and the computer itself remains under warranty; however, you must run the Leaving Bentley Checkout utility that will remove the anti-virus software (which is not licensed to remain installed). Learn more.

Information for Students Withdrawing or Taking a Leave of Absence – Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence have the option of returning or purchasing their laptop computer. Learn more.