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Registration Process

To request academic accommodations (defined as all adjustments, alterations, and/or modifications that allow a student with a documented disability to have equal access to university programs and activities), you must first register with Disability Services by providing documentation of your disability and making a request for accommodations.  Documentation will be reviewed within five business days.

We reserve the right to request additional information, should the documentation provided be insufficient in diagnosing the disability and/or describing the current impact of the disability.  This information is crucial to determine appropriate and necessary academic accommodations. We are not responsible for ensuring academic accommodations for students who identify themselves only to faculty and not directly through Disability Services.

Once the office reviews the documentation and determines it complete, the office will be in touch with the student to schedule a registration appointment.  During the registration appointment we will work closely with the student to establish a formalized, written accommodation plan.

We work on an individualized basis to determine what accommodations are appropriate and necessary to level the playing field and create equal access and opportunity for each student.

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