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New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation is held six times per year for all regular staff.  It is a six-hour session that covers Bentley history, programs, policies and services.  In addition to an Executive Welcome by a member of the President’s Cabinet, presenters also cover key information on campus safety, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability, cyber security, and others.

New Staff Orientation is also a good way for new employees to meet other new members of the Bentley community.

New Staff Orientation is held on the first Monday of the following months, and the schedule for FY 2019-2020 is:

♦ August 5, 2019

♦ October 7, 2019 

♦ December 2, 2019 

♦ February 3, 2020

♦ April 6, 2020 

♦ June 1, 2020

Participation in this program is by invitation