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Undergraduate Semester and Summer Abroad Application Process

1. Research Programs

  • Attend an information session. Attendance at an information session is strongly encouraged for semester applicants! Focused information sessions cover a range of topics: from "making study abroad affordable" to "the best destinations you've never heard of."
  • Review Study Abroad 101 to ensure that you are familiar with the basics of semester abroad programs.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Fair in fall semester. Returned students, exchange students, and program representatives showcase the many study abroad program options.
  • Reach out to a Peer Advisor
  • Help us advise you better! Submit an advising survey from any program page in advance of meeting with a staff advisor
  • Make an appointment to visit our office and speak with a staff advisor

2. Consider your semester preference
Keep an open mind for fall OR spring study abroad. Semester preference is NOT guaranteed. Applicants must explain the reasons for their semester preference on the application. While we aim to accommodate the semester preference for each student, no semester is guaranteed.

3. Submit ONE application to your top choice program

  • Confirm that you meet all eligibility requirements
  • Preview Application Components
  • Click "apply now" from the program page
  • Meet Application deadlines; Please note that there is only one application deadline for both fall and spring semester programs. All students interested in studying abroad in either semester must submit their application by the February deadline.
  • Indicate your second choice program in the application

Note: Bentley students are not permitted to submit an application directly to any Bentley partner university or affiliate organization. To earn Bentley credit, you must apply for admission through the Office of International Education by the stated deadlines. There are no exceptions.

4. Begin Academic Planning

  • To stay on track for graduation, it is important that students carefully consider their course plans before, during, and after a semester study abroad program. All semester applicants are REQUIRED to declare a major and submit a Plan of Study to the Academic Advising Center. Applicants must meet with an Academic Advisor to review the plan and receive academic approval.
  • You may meet with an Academic Advisor at any time, but you must complete the required Plan of Study form after your acceptance notification but before the deposit deadline. 
  • The documents you create during the planning process will be valuable tools for you as you plot out your academic program at Bentley, including your major and any additional program you are pursuing (Honors program, Liberal Studies Major [LSM], minor, or certificate). To learn more, visit the Office of Academic Services website.

5. Acceptance Notification and Enrollment Deposit

  • Students will be notified by email approximately three weeks after the application deadline
  • Accepted students have approximately two weeks to submit a non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit and contract to enroll in the program.