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Exchange Student Finances

All Bentley exchange students will be responsible for the following costs during their time at Bentley. Tuition is waived as part of the exchange agreement with the home university.

 2018-2019 costs (estimated)

Semester exchange students

Full-year exchange students

On-campus housing
(undergraduate students only)

$4,250 - $8,730
(depending on
room assignment)

$8,500 - $17,460
(depending on
room assignment)

Meal plan
(if applicable)

$2,620 - $3,090


Technology fee



Student Activities fee



Health Insurance

$768 (fall) or $1,063 (spring)


Books (estimated)



Personal (estimated)



You will receive an invoice via email (an "e-bill") several weeks before you arrive on Bentley's campus.  This email will include a "due date" to pay your invoice; the due date will probably be a few weeks after you arrive at Bentley.  Please link to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and scroll to Finances for more information about fees.