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Administrative Requests

New Hire Account Request

Once a person has been officially hired by Bentley University, the first course of action is to submit an Account Request Form.  This will generate a ticket to the Help Desk.  Typically, this request is submitted by the hiring department or a Key User.

New Hire Form

To request a computer for a new hire, among other things, complete the Facilities Management New Hire form.

If you need any further assistance, please contact Computing Services Desk.

Group Account Request

To request a group email account or group calendar request, email the Computing Services Desk using the format below. Anyone that needs access must have an active Bentley email address. The person managing the account is responsible for adding the users to the security group of the account.

Name of Account:
Please provide a brief description describing what this account will be used for:
What is needed: Email Only? Calendar Only? Email and calendar
Who will be accessing this email/calendar? Faculty, staff or students
Expiration Date (if any):
Employee (First Last Name) Managing Group Account:
Employee ID# Managing Group Account:
Key User (First Last Name) Requesting Group Account:
Key User ID# Requesting Group Account: