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User Accounts

Accounts Overview

Each member of the Bentley community has numerous accounts that grant access to different computing resources. To access these accounts, you must log in using a username and password. Default passwords should be changed immediately after being used to log in to a resource for the first time.

You will be assigned the following usernames:

Bentley Short Name
Your Bentley short name will grant you access to Blackboard, and MyBentley. The syntax for short names are as follows:

  • For students: your short name is the first seven letters of your last name, followed by an underscore, followed by the first four letters of your first name (e.g., johnson_joe)
  • For faculty and staff: your short name is your first initial followed by your last name (e.g., jjohnson)

Numbers are inserted into short names (e.g., smit2_joe or jjohnson2) when two or more members of the Bentley community have the same name.

Bentley Email Address
Your Bentley email address will grant you access to your Bentley computer, public computers, the network, Office 365 Mail, Calendaring and Collaboration, Falcon card, and library resources from off campus. This is also the email address you can share with your family and friends. The syntax for your Bentley email address is your Bentley short name, followed by

Bentley ID
The syntax for your Bentley ID is the @ symbol followed by your eight digit Bentley ID number. Your Bentley ID will grant you access to Work Order Requests. Work order submission system – students use this for maintenance issues with their dorm rooms. This password is without the “@” sign. This ID number can also be found on your Falcon Card.