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Print Design

Agency@Bentley Design and Production

The Agency@Bentley oversees web, mobile, print and branding initiatives. We create print collateral, websites and marketing campaigns for Bentley’s divisions, offices and centers. To initiate a project with us, start here.

Working with Us

Please submit all requests for Agency@Bentley print communication through our online request form.

Bentley/BCG Direct Design and Print Program

This partnership allows clients with certain types of pieces to work directly with Boston Color Graphics (BCG) to update and print collateral without using the Agency@Bentley as a facilitator. Minor edits are included in the print cost. You are also able to initiate new creative with BCG, based on approval from Marketing and Communication. In this scenario, Bentley will cover up to $300 of the design fee; you are responsible for any costs beyond that.

If one of your existing projects is in this program, you can access the Input Form. For a refresher on the process, see here for details.

Bentley Stationery

Bentley’s Online Stationery Order Portal can be accessed via the MyBentley site, located in the left nav under Marketing, Communication & Public Affairs. The site allows you to directly order stationery items and business cards. Please note:

• There are several business card templates available on the site for you to use. While it is encouraged you use one of these templates for consistency, should you have special requests that are not met by any of the templates, you can choose to work with an external printer to customize your business card. Please be sure to use our official logo, fonts and color palette as outlined here.

• While it’s encouraged that most groups on campus use the Generic Stationery, if you would like department-specific letterhead and envelopes, please submit a Print Request Form that includes your custom information. Be aware that there are charges associated with adding your stationery item(s) to the site and pre-approval by a department head is required.

• If you are ordering a small amount of the generic stationery, please be aware that certain items are purchased in bulk by Bentley’s Materials Management department and it may be more cost-efficient for you to request a supply from them instead. Use this link to make such requests.