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Social Media Directory Criteria

Bentley University Social Media Directory:

Connect, share, and discuss all things Bentley through this social media directory. To inquire about being listed, please read Bentley’s Social Media Directory Criteria, below, and Social Media Policies and then contact  

Though accounts listed have agreed to abide by Bentley University’s Social Media Policies, they do not necessarily speak for or represent the views of the University.

Social Media Directory Criteria:

  1. This directory is for collective, institutional, and affiliated accounts only, with the exception of certain individual university administrators (e.g. Dean of Student Affairs, directors of University Centers) or authorized individual representatives (e.g. student social media ambassadors). Student or other groups that are not officially recognized by the University cannot be listed in the Directory, nor can individual accounts used primarily for personal purposes.
  2. Social media accounts listed here agree to operate according to the Bentley Beliefs, Bentley University Brand Guidelines, Bentley University Information Security and Data Privacy polices, and Bentley University Social Media Polices.
  3. Your social media account manager(s) must be registered (name, email, phone number) with the University Social Media Manager ( )
  4. Your accounts must operate according to all the published Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Community Guidelines, Rights and Responsibilities, and similar policies of the social media platform or account providers (e.g. Facebook,TwitterYouTubeInstagram, etc.) you use. Please pay close attention to policies and guidelines regarding the use of copyrighted materials (including but not limited to music, images, and videos), conducting contests, spamming, and objectionable material. Please also take particular note of Facebook’s rules regarding Personal Timelines (Profiles), Pages, and Groups and make sure you are using the right platform.
  5. You agree that, in the event of a declared campus emergency, you will temporarily suspend posting to your channels for the duration except to cross-post information from the two “main” University accounts on Facebook and Twitter so that the University may speak with one voice during emergencies;
  6. If you are creating a new Facebook presence, you will create it and manage it as a Page rather than as a Profile; if you have an existing (prior to September 2013) Profile, you consult with the University Social Media Manager about transitioning to a Page;
  7. If you have or are creating a Twitter account, it must be an unprotected or public account (open to any to follow);
  8. The University Social Media Manager reserves the right to add or remove accounts from the Directory at his or her discretion.