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Office 365 at Bentley University

Office 365 is a collection of web-based tools that allow you to collaborate and share your work with your colleagues and cohorts. It will be available to all currently active Bentley faculty, students, and staff.

Bentley’s phase one upgrade to Office 365 includes support for on-line access to Outlook on the web, Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), OneDrive storage, and Skype for Business.

Phase two of the Office 365 upgrade will include relocating your personal (M) and shared (N) drives, Teams, and a free license to install the full-suite of Office applications on up to five personally-owned devices. Note, this license is NOT for use on your Bentley managed Windows or Apple computer. We will communicate more about phase two over the upcoming weeks.

Week of March 26, 2018

365 upgrades for faculty and staff begin on Tuesday, April 3rd and continue through Tuesday, May 15th.  Click here to find the faculty and staff upgrade schedule as well as schedules for training and support. 

FAQ of the Week:

Question: What is the purpose of the "Focused Inbox" in Outlook?

Answer: "Focused Inbox" helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs-"Focused" and "Other." Your most important emails are on the "Focused" tab while the rest remain easily accessible-but out of the way-on the "Other" tab. You’ll be informed about email flowing to "Other", and you can switch between tabs at any time to take a quick look.  Please visit "Turn off Focused Inbox" for detailed instructions for turning focus off.

What’s Happening this Week:
Commuters, including both undergraduate and graduate students, whose last-names fall alphabetically from R through Z will upgrade on Tuesday, March 27th.

What’s Happening Next Week:
Faculty and staff with offices on all floors of the Smith Academic Technology Center will upgrade on Tuesday, April 3rd
Faculty and staff with offices on all floors of Jennison Hall with upgrade on Thursday, April 5th

What Happened Last Week:
Commuters, including both undergraduate and graduate students, whose last-names fall alphabetically from A through H were upgraded on Tuesday, March 20th.
Commuters and graduate students whose last-names fall alphabetically from I through Q were upgraded on Thursday, March 22nd.

Training Schedule and Sign-up: 
Click here to find the current schedules for training and support. Want a free Microsoft Office 365 tee shirt?  Come to one of the training sessions! 

How is Bentley approaching the upgrade?
Beginning in February, the Bentley Office 365 Team is upgrading groups of users on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.  Students are being upgraded first, followed by faculty, and then staff.  There are approximately 8,500 users in total to upgrade and the upgrade for the final group of users will complete in summer 2018.
The upgrades will take place overnight and there should be little to no interruption in your ability to access your email and calendar.

How will the upgrade impact the way you work?
Office 365 will introduce a collection of new collaboration tools (Skype, OneDrive, and Teams) as well as provide on-line version of your tried and true Outlook, Calendar, and Office applications.  You may choose to delve right in to the Office 365 collaboration and online tools or stay with the traditional Outlook and Office desktops applications.  The rate at which you adopt the new Office 365 collaboration tools is dependent on the needs of your work and your study.

If I have questions about the upgrade, who should I ask?
If you have questions or concerns about Office 365 or your upgrade, please contact the Bentley Help Desk @ or call x2854 for Faculty/Staff, or x3122 for Students.