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Office 365 at Bentley University

Over the past two weekends, staff and faculty files stored on the M drive were successfully moved to Office 365 OneDrive.  All staff and faculty can now find any file that was store on their M drive in their OneDrive-Bentley University. In the event that you are unable to locate a particular file, please contact the Help Desk @ or call x2854.

Note that while you can still "view" your files via your M drive, you are no longer able to make changes to the files in your “M” drive or add new files to your ”M” drive.  All changes, deletions, or additions to your files must be done in OneDrive-Bentley University.

The exception to this "view-only mode" is for those staff who require access to their M drives for Banner and/or financial reporting.  Users who need to access their M drive for Banner and/or financial reporting will continue to have access to their M drives only for the purpose of accessing reports.  New files generated by reporting will continue to be delivered to your M drive. You should however use OneDrive-Bentley University (not your M drive) for all of your personal files.

Approximately 30 days from now, files that were moved to your OneDrive you will no longer be viewable in your “M” Drive.  These files will be removed and archived.

We will begin to move N drive files in July, and a general communication is forthcoming.

Office 365 Phase-two
The Bentley Office 365 Team is turning its attention to the second and final phase of the Office 365 upgrade.   During the second phase of the upgrade, the contents of personal network folder (“M” drive) have been moved Microsoft’s Office 365 OneDrive-Bentley University and the contents of shared department folders (“N” drives) will move to Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint. 

This second phase of the Office 365 upgrade began in early-June and will impact only those faculty, staff, and students who currently store files on their M drive and N drives.

Your M Drive (personal files)
During the month of June, the Bentley Office 365 Team copied files stored on your M drive and moved these copies to your OneDrive-Bentley University.  The move of all faculty and staff M drive files completed on Monday, June 18th.

Benefits of OneDrive-Bentley University include:

  • One TB of Office 365 OneDrive file storage (that’s over one million average size documents) which you can access anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • When off-campus, VPN is no longer required to access files that you store in your OneDrive
  • You have the ability to share the files that you store in your OneDrive with people both inside or outside of Bentley
  • You have the use of collaboration tools for real-time co-editing of Office documents

What you need to know:

  • If you did not store files in your M drive, you will not be impacted by this second phase of the Office 365 upgrade
  • Your files are now accessible in your OneDrive-Bentley University
  • Training is essential to a smooth transition and we strongly encourage you to attend a OneDrive session 

Training and Introductory Overview Sessions:

Better File Management Using OneDrive for Office 365 - Unlike the Office 365 Outlook mail and calendar upgrade, the move of your M drive files will impact the way you work.  While the impact will be minor, you will benefit greatly from attending a OneDrive training session. You can find the training schedule and sign-up for a class here.

Introduction to Outlook On-line Mail and Calendar - You can find the training schedule and sign-up for a class here.

Skype for Collaboration - You can find the training schedule and sign-up for a class here.

Your N Drive (shared departmental files)
Beginning in July, we will be moving files stored in N drives.  Expect a more detailed communication about N drive moves come late this month.

For on-line documentation, access to how-to videos, and answers to FAQs, please visit