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Our Culture

Our Mission

To educate creative, ethical, and socially responsible organizational leaders by creating and disseminating impactful knowledge within and across business and the arts and sciences.



Our Values

The Bentley Beliefs, which govern our conduct in classrooms, residence halls, and places of work are informed by these values:

Diversity Appreciating diversity means that we work in an environment that embraces diversity of opinion and that is free from hostility and intolerance.

Integrity Valuing integrity requires that we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We hold that operating with integrity is essential for a successful professional and private life.

Responsibility Being responsible demands that we listen, respond thoughtfully, and strive to create sustainable outcomes at all times.

Excellence Our commitment to excellence ensures that we have a passion for continuous improvement, for delivering high-quality results, and for going beyond what is expected.

Courage Having courage means that we continually seek new and innovative solutions and we are tolerant of the honest mistakes that are a natural consequence of these endeavors.

Teamwork Our commitment to teamwork acknowledges the importance of collaboration. We are prepared to subordinate our personal interests to the broader interests of our community.


We understand that a culture of flexibility is at the heart of work/life quality for our people. We also recognize that to perform at their best, people need to recharge and themselves—and our vacation and holiday policy supports our commitment.





We emphasize the importance of real-time feedback, so that our people continually improve their professional skills and enhance their personal brand. We also offer a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities so our people stay relevant in the marketplace and build their credentials and experiences.