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Business Curriculum and Syllabi

From day one, all students are associated with a supervisor who acts as a mentor throughout the program of study. The curriculum is designed to ensure that the academic program at Bentley provides an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject area as well as a broad appreciation of business in the context of the global economy. This grounding enables you to develop the philosophical underpinnings and the tools and techniques necessary to conduct quality business-relevant research.

PhD Program Design: Depth and Breadth

The table below lists the courses required to complete the PhD in Business program. We invite you to click through this list to view sample syllabi. Please note, reading materials and assignments may change at the discretion of the instructor. For a listing of courses by semester please click here:  View courses by semester.

Interdisciplinary Business Core

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Information Systems 
Microeconomic Theory 
Organizational Theory 
Philosophy of the Social Sciences 
Business Workshop 

Methodology Courses

Qualitative Research Methods I 
Quantitative Analysis I 
Quantitative Analysis II
Quantitative Research Methods I 

Developmental Teaching Program & Workshop: noncredit-bearing, required

Course Shadowing - Spring Year 2
Teaching Workshop - Summer Year 2

Specialized Electives (3)

Behavioral and Experimental Economics 
Independent Summer Course (Year 1) 
Organizational Behavior 
Qualitative Research Methods II
Quantitative Analysis III 
Quantitative Analysis IV 
Quantitative Analysis V 
Strategic Management

Courses by Semester

Fall Year OneSpring Year OneSummer Year One  
Independent Summer Course
Fall Year TwoSpring Year TwoSummer Year Two

In years three and four (or upon completion of the courses and comprehensive examinations) students will move forward to:

Year Three
Teaching assignment ((normally one course per semester)
'PhD Candidate' status obtained upon submission and defense of the Dissertation proposal.

Year Four
Teaching assignment (normally one course per semester)
Dissertation submitted and examined. The PhD is awarded upon successful defense of the dissertation.

Master's Degree

At any point following the completion of course work, a student may choose to leave the program with a terminal Master's in Business Research degree. This degree is awarded instead of a PhD; students who continue on to complete their PhD do not receive a Master's degree.