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Doctoral Students

Bentley’s graduates are entering a market where business PhDs are in high demand. Business schools seek specific talents in their new faculty members, including a publication record on graduation as well as teaching experience and subject domain and methods expertise. The Bentley PhD program is designed to produce a new generation of scholar-teacher-practitioners who precisely fit that description. Those who enter our program will leave it eminently prepared for rewarding careers in academia.

Bentley Doctoral students represent various levels of the program. The levels reflect our mission to mold scholar-teacher-practitioners:

  • Current PhD Students are those completing coursework at the pre-Comprehensive stage, and those who have successfully passed the Comprehensive Examinations and are preparing to defend proposals. Students in the Post-Comprehensive phase teach undergraduate courses, in addition to working on their research.  
  • The PhD Candidate designation is given to students who defend Dissertation Proposals. The PhD title is fully awarded to students who successfully defend the complete dissertation.

Bentley advisers also host a range of Visiting PhD students from academic institutions throughout the world.

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