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PhD in Accountancy

At Bentley University, your research in accountancy will allow you to probe some of the most compelling issues in business today, all under the interdisciplinary umbrella theme of business, technology and society. You will take a series of core cores that provide you with an in-depth disciplinary foundation: Financial Accountancy, Auditing and Assurance, Managerial Control Systems, Judgment and Decision-Making and an Accountancy Workshop that considers special topics in accounting research.

In addition, the Accountancy PhD includes methodology courses (both quantitative and qualitative and a specialized course in experimental design) and a broad interdisciplinary foundation derived from our emphasis on business, technology and society (including a course in ethics and social responsibility).

In addition, students take a specialized course that fit with their particular research interests and career ambitions. This specialized course will be taught as an independent study classes or in a small group, depending on the numbers of students interested in a particular topic. Classes can also be taken at other local institutions where appropriate and agreed. Examples of specialty areas include:

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Financial Fraud
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Enterprise Risks and Controls
  • Managerial Incentive Systems
  • Earnings Management
  • Auditor Ethos and Independence
  • Audit Team Brainstorming
  • Auditor-Client Negotiations
  • Information Technology Auditing
  • Corporate Ethics and Internal Controls
  • Corporate Governance

The curriculum is designed to ensure that the academic program at Bentley provides an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject area as well as a broad appreciation of business in the context of the global economy. This grounding enables you to develop the philosophical underpinnings and the tools and techniques necessary to conduct quality business-relevant research.

Visit the Curriculum of Study page to see sample syllabi, along with our four-year curriculum.

If you’re interested in applying, please contact for suggestions about faculty members who share your research interests.