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Construction Contractors Prequalification Questionnaire

Construction contractors interested in working with the institution are required to submit company literature using standard AIA document A305: 
Contractor's Qualification Statement.  Please ensure the information below is provided in this package. 

Qualification packages may be mailed to:

Bentley University
Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA  02452

  1. What is the form of your organization?


  2. Who are the principals and key personnel of your company?  Please describe the organizational structure of your company.


  3. What experience has your firm gained on public and private construction projects completed over the past five years (or, what are your firm's 20 most recently completed projects)?


  4. Please provide a list of at least 10 companies for whom you have completed a project in the past five years.  Please provide contact names, titles and telephone numbers for each reference listing.  (Please include in this listing, names and phone numbers of the firms referenced in question 3.)  Additional references are welcomed.


  5. What are your company's construction capabilities and subcontracting resources?


  6. Please provide a listing of quantities and descriptions of equipment which your company has available for such projects.


  7. Does your company have any legal or administrative proceedings currently pending or concluded, adversely to the applicant within the past five years, which relate to the procurement or performance of any public or private construction contract?  If so, please provide a detailed explanation of such action.


  8. Please provide a copy of your firm's most recent certified financial statements, prepared by a Certified Public Accountant.  This package must include a complete disclosure of current assets and liabilities, plant and equipment, bank and credit references.


  9. Please provide the name of your bonding company, maximum bonding capacity, as well as pertinent information regarding performance and payment bonds (labor/materials).


  10. What are your company's financial resources?