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Expenditure of Funds

All funds of the university, regardless of source (e.g. grants), must be managed in accordance with university policy. 

Although departments are allocated funds in their budgets for a given period, this allocation is only an authority to requisition, not to purchase.  As such, Cost Center Approvers must initiate requests with consideration for the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order Process.


Each department is assigned an account number or numbers by the Office of Financial Operations. All purchase requisitions must carry the complete number of the account to be charged.

As such, the fund, organization, and account number, as well as program code when required, must be reflected on each purchase requisition.


Only persons officially authorized as Cost Center Approvers shall have approval to submit requisitions.

An approval and authorization list is maintained and periodically updated by the Financial Operation's Office. A request for authorization changes may be submitted to the Financial Operation's Office at any time by Cost Center Approvers.

For proper control, it is recommended that the purchasing function (including approving requisitions and invoices) reside with one person within each department. The prompt processing of all work, however, remains the responsibility of the department head or director.

All requests for outside purchases, regardless of the sources of funds, must be processed through Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services on a Requisition Form (Exhibit A). This form must be submitted to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services with sufficient lead time to allow for the solicitation of quotes when required, and the proper review by Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services staff.

Departments submitting requisitions are requested to abide by the following guidelines:


All purchases not exceeding $5,000.00 should be charged to a Purchasing Card.  All parties responsible for such purchases should apply to acquire a Purchasing Credit Card.

Orders less than $5,000.00 that cannot be charged to a purchasing card are reimbursable through either a Petty Cash slip or a Check Voucher.

  1. Each requisition must contain a complete description of the material or service desired. Care should be taken that each requisition lists only items that can all be furnished by one supplier.
  2. Each requisition should be prepared in triplicate. The first two copies are to be forwarded to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services, and the last copy retained in the department's file.
  3. The signature of the respective Cost Center Approver must appear on each purchase requisition. Please be sure to list:
    1. Deliver By: Enter date order must arrive at Bentley, MM-DD-YY.
    2. Requestor: Enter name of person issuing, date and respective phone number.
    3. Accounting: Enter fund, organization and account number to be charged.
    4. Quantities needed.
    5. Description and manufacturer's order or model number if appropriate.
    6. Costs: If costs are not known minimally, cost parameters must be stated.
    7. Internal Destination: Enter the location the goods should be delivered to, noting the building and room number when possible (Exhibit B).
  4. Expenditures from other than operating accounts will be governed by the authorization guidelines as defined by the Financial Operations Office.

If any of the above details are missing from a purchase requisition, it will be returned to the requestor for completion.

Please call Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456 if you should need assistance in completing a purchase requisition.


Quick Reference: Purchase Req. to P.O.


Petty Cash transactions are designed to reimburse those transactions that cannot be made using the Purchasing Card.  Petty Cash purchases may not exceed $100.

Whenever possible, such purchases should be charged to the Purchasing Card (MasterCard credit card) and Master Contracts must be honored (e.g. Office Supplies).  If you need to acquire a Purchasing Card, please contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456.

Petty Cash Vouchers (Exhibit C) may be obtained from the Accounts Payable Office.


Check Requests are intended to reimburse staff for purchases not exceeding $5,000 that cannot be made with the Purchasing Card (Master Card Credit Card).  When placing such an order, the order placer must request that all invoices reference the requestor's name and cost center number. This identification will expedite the payment of subsequent invoices.

When paying invoices not exceeding $5,000, it is not necessary to complete a Check Request Form. Please indicate on the invoice the account number to be charged and an authorized signature, then submit to the Accounts Payable Office.


Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services has implemented a Purchasing Card program providing Master Card credit cards to cost center approvers and authorized staff. This card system is intended to provide an efficient method of purchasing and paying for goods and services with a value not exceeding $5,000.

Please contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at extension 3456 if you should have any questions regarding the Purchasing Card program.


After goods have been shipped or services rendered, most companies send a billing invoice to the Accounts Payable Office. The Accounts Payable Office sends invoices exceeding $5,000 to the respective Cost Center Approver for authorization.

In turn, all invoices exceeding $5,000 for products and services procured by the university must be signed by the Cost Center Approver and forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office.