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Records To Be Retained

If records need to be retained, a Records Coordinator has two options for storage:

On-Site Storage:

Records can be stored appropriately within a department's current office space.  

Storage in attics, mechanical rooms, basements or custodial closets is not  available for on-site storage.

Off-Site Storage:

If a department does not have sufficient office space for on-site storage, these records will be sent to Access (formerly Retrievex), a records management facility providing systematic off-site storage. 

Records targeted for off-site storage should be packed in standard one cubic foot containers.   These containers can be ordered through Office Depot; the product numbers are 352-016 for 4-pack or 161-488 for a 12-pack of boxes with lids.

For each container targeted for off-site storage, a container registration must be completed via the Access on-line system.  Bar code labels required for these containers can be ordered directly from Access.  Files which are currently stored in attics, mechanical rooms, basements or custodial closets without proper authorization must be stored off-site as these areas are not suitable for paper records storage.  Paper records storage in these areas creates a safety hazard, thus violating federal, state and local building codes.

To request the retrieval of containers and/or records being stored off-site, the Records Coordinator will submit an on-line request to Access.   Containers and/or records will be delivered to the Record Coordinator by Access.  Delivery and pick-up of records and containers will be made every Tuesday.  Requests for delivery or pick-up must be submitted to Access through their on-line system by noon on Monday for delivery/pick-up on Tuesday.