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Undergraduate Catalogue


Congratulations on choosing Bentley, a university that provides a cutting-edge, business-oriented education that integrates the best of business with the best of the liberal arts and sciences.  During your time here, you will develop the technical skills and the critical and creative thinking skills needed to excel in the global marketplace.  

Bentley prepares you for more than a responsible professional career. We will support your development as a leader committed to adding value to organizations, to family and community, and to our broader society. Here you will combine professional skills with a deep understanding and rich appreciation of societal and cross-cultural issues, ethics and social responsibility, as well as historical and environmental perspectives. We aim to inspire you to be articulate, creative, ethical and knowledgeable—as well as broad-minded and comfortable with ambiguity.

Chances are you were initially drawn to Bentley because of our top-ranked business education, world-class facilities, and a faculty of engaged teacher and scholars. Take time to discover that Bentley offers you even more: opportunities to study abroad, an honors program, internships, service-learning, undergraduate research programs, four- and five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degrees; and strength across a wide range of disciplines.

Looking through this catalogue, you will see a menu of enticing possibilities that will excite and possibly overwhelm you. Whatever your initial perceptions, Bentley’s highly talented and committed staff will help you sort through the options to find a curriculum suited to you. An academic advisor will help you understand the curriculum, explain programs, answer questions, and point out electives that may not have caught your eye. Support is available through Academic Services,Disability Services, the Health Center, the Counseling Center, Cronin Office for International Education, Center for International Student and Scholars, the Multicultural Center, the Residential Center and the Spiritual Life Center.

While you are here, we encourage you to get involved in campus life. Your years as an undergraduate will pass more quickly than you might imagine; be sure to challenge yourself to make the best of all the opportunities that come your way.

With best wishes,

Donna Maria Blancero, PhD
Interim Dean of Business Programs and the McCallum Graduate School of Business

Rick Oches, PhD
Dean of Arts and Sciences