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    Required Employment Forms

    All first time employees are required to submit the I-9 to the Student Employment Office before they can begin working and earning a paycheck.  The following table describes acceptable documentation that can be used to establish your identity and eligibility to work in the US. Original documents must be produced at the time the I-9 form is completed.

    Once your Workday account becomes activated you will be able to fill out or change your tax withholdings and set up your direct deposit.  Any questions about how to this through Workday please contact the Payroll office.

    Employment Verification Letter

    All student employees must have a social security number to be placed on the University's payroll to begin working on-campus. The Department of Homeland Security will not assign social security numbers to students who are non-US citizens unless the department's hiring supervisor signs the Bentley "Confirmation of Job Offer" form and the student presents it with their other required documents to the Social Security Administration when applying for a social security number.



    Employment Guidelines

    This document is a suggested contract between your student employee and your department. It covers general professional practices for your office including attendance, conduct, attire, and confidentiality. This form is only a suggested guide and should be tailored by you to meet any specific needs of your department.

    Change Form

    Supervisors should use this form as a means to update information originally reported on the Authorization Form. For merit increases, you must also complete and submit the Student Evaluation Form.

    Student Evaluation Form

    Supervisors should complete a performance evaluation for each student they employ at the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters as well as the summer season.

    Evaluations are important tools which allow supervisors to communicate to students how well they are meeting expectations. Fall evaluations, for example, can provide students with goals for improvement while Spring and Summer evaluations can be used in the re-hire process and in evaluating students for merit increases.

    The form is standardized and allows for both supervisor and student comments.