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For Supervisors Only

Supervisor Training and Responsibility (STAR) Program

Whether for the entire department, a few supervisors or just one person we can customize the S.T.A.R.Program to fit your needs!

Topics include:

  • Federal Work Study vs. Bentley Work Program
  • Supervisor’s Job Page - How To's
  • Student Federal Work Study Award Work Page
  • Required Employment Paperwork
  • Student Employment Forms
  • Classification Codes

Email our office to set up a date and time that works best.

Supervisor's Job Page

To access the supervisor's job page:

  • Log in to MyBentley, click on HR Information tab at the top
  • Click on Faculty/Staff Self-Service
  • Click on Student Employment Supervisor Job Page

Quick Tips

  • The Student Employment Manual can answer most of your questions about supervising a student employee
  • Use Employment Guidelines to illustrate your department's standards & expectations when the student begins employment
  • Provide training materials - even hanging important notices can help students do their job better
  • Learn to motivate your students.