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Student Financial Services

Policies and Procedures

Student Financial Services is responsible for billing and collecting fees for tuition, housing, meal plans, health insurance, computers, parking violations and any other applicable charges.

Our goal is to work with students and parents to resolve outstanding balances. We understand that students and their families may experience financial difficulties and it is important for those types of issues to be communicated to our office at an early stage.  We URGE students and/or parents to contact our office prior to the due date of the bill to discuss any financial concerns that they may have.  The earlier the issue is discussed the more tools we have to assist students in resolving the situation.  

Bentley University offers payment plans to assist with the budgeting of the cost of education. However, those plans are only available to students prior to the due date of their bill.

Student Responsibilities

Each semester, all students are required to agree to the "Terms and Conditions of Payment Obligation" through the Workday Onboarding process.

It is the student's responsibility to update address changes on Workday Student Self Service.

Late Payments


Student account balances not resolved by their due date, will be flagged with a financial hold.  This financial hold will prevent students from registering for classes, changing their course schedule, participating in senior week activities, the graduation ceremony and from obtaining diplomas and/or transcripts.  

Late Fee

Accounts with unresolved balances are subject to late payment fees of $100.00.


If a balance remains unpaid the account will be assigned to the Bentley University Collection Department.  If an acceptable payment arrangement cannot be reached, the account will be assigned to a collection agency.  There are several consequences that accompany that action:

  • The account will be reported in a default/collection agency status to the credit bureau.  This may prevent the student from obtaining credit in the future.
  • The student will be assessed collection fees between 25% and 50% and possible legal fees in addition to the outstanding balance owed to Bentley University.
  • Any future classes that the student plans on taking at Bentley University must be prepaid (in full) via certified funds.


The Student Financial Services tuition credit and refund policies can be viewed here:

  • Refunds (Student Account Refunds)
  • Student Account Credit (Tuition Credit - add/drop/withdrawal policy)
    • Proration Dates for the Summer I 2022 semester
      UG Summer 1
      First two days: May 31, 2022 -- June 1, 2022: 100%
      Remainder of first week: June 2, 2022 thru June 5, 2022: 80%
      Second Week: June 6, 2022 thru June 12, 2022: 40%
      No refunds after June 13, 2022

      UG Summer 2
      First two days: July 12, 2022 -- July 13th, 2022: 100%
      Remainder of first week: July 14 , 2022 thru July 17, 2022 : 80%
      Second Week: July 18, 2022 thru July 24, 2022: 40%
      No refunds after July 25, 2022

      Graduate summer -- 10 week term
      First two days: May 31, 2022 -- June 1, 2022: 100%
      Remainder of first week: June 2, 2022 thru June 5, 2022: 80%
      Second Week: June 6, 2022 thru June 12, 2022: 40%
      No refunds after June 13, 2022

    • Proration Dates for the Fall 2022 semester
      First Week: September 6, 2022 thru September 12, 2022: 100%
      Second Week: September 13, 2022 thru September 19, 2022: 80%
      Third Week: September 20, 2022 thru September 26, 2022: 60%
      Fourth Week: September 27, 2022 thru October 3, 2022: 40%
      Fifth Week: October 4, 2022 thru October 10, 2022: 20%
      No refunds after October 11, 2022

      UG & Grad intensive classes
      First Day of Class:        80%
      After First Day: No Refund

      On-line Graduate courses (not including online intensives)
      First Week: 80%
      Second Week: 40%
      After Second Week: No Refund

    • Proration Dates for the Spring 2022 semester:
      First Week:  January 24, 2022 thru January 30, 2022:  100%
      Second Week:  January 31, 2022 thru February 6, 2022: 80%
      Third Week:  February 7, 2022 thru February 13, 2022: 60%
      Fourth Week:  February 14, 2022 thru February 20, 2022: 40%
      Fifth Week: February 21, 2022 thru February 27, 2022: 20%
      No refunds after February 28, 2022
    • Application to Appeal Tuition Credit