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Tuition Insurance Information

As a supplement to the University Refund Policy, we are pleased to offer an additional Tuition Insurance program through Liberty Mutual Insurance.

The plan supplements the university refund schedule, and provides 100% coverage throughout the entire term. If you withdraw from classes due to illness, injury, mental health issues, unforeseen loss of life or any other eligible reason, the plan will ensure you receive 100% of your insured tuition, room and board, and some fees.

How to enroll: You can purchase a customizable insurance policy for your chosen insured amount and time period (semester or year) directly on the Liberty Mutual website at a cost of ~1% of the insured amount. You must purchase a policy prior to the first day of classes at Bentley University.

International and study abroad students are also eligible for Tuition Insurance. Study Abroad students must purchase a policy prior to the first day of classes at the foreign university.

Learn more and review the plan coverage to determine if it meets your needs at: .

Questions? Email and receive a response within 1 business day. You may also call 1-800-290-6347.