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Reduce and Recycle

Check out the Story of Stuff!

Reduce by Cutting Back and Opting Out

Cut Back

  • Print double-sided! 
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you when you leave your room or office. This can save you around $350/ year!
  • You can also drink tap water!
  • Use reusable containers, silverware, napkins, and bags
  • Buy in bulk.  Save money and cut down on packaging waste.
  • Students living in apartments and suites: use reusable dishes and silverware instead of paper and plastic dishes and cutlery. 
  • Bring your travel mug to Einstein's or Starbucks for 25 cents off of coffee, cocoa or tea.

Opt Out

Junk mail is as annoying as it is bad for the environment. Receiving hundreds of clothing catalogs and credit card advertisements per year is a nuisance and a huge waste of resources.  The best possible solution is to opt-out of recieving these annoying pieces of mail by checking out the links below:     

Yellow Pages Opt-Out          

Valu-Pak Opt-Out         

Do Not Mail List