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Peer2Peer Student Spotlight

Sarah (right) with her mentee Andrew (left)


Name: Sarah Barsch

Role: Mentor

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Marketing Major/IDCC Minor


Why did you choose to be a part of Peer2Peer?

I choose to be a part of Peer2Peer because I wanted to be a mentor and resource for a first-year student. The transition to college is tough and having someone to help guide you along the way makes a difference.


Describe what you have done this semester with your mentor/mentee?

Andrew and I have a monthly lunch meeting where we chat about how our classes our going, family, friends, home life and other fun topics.


What do you hope to share with your mentee? 

I hope to share with Andrew helpful tips and tricks while he manages to make the most of his time at Bentley.