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TOPIC: Academic Fusion


A group of Bentley professors aims to compose a bestseller list of future business leaders by prompting students not only to read challenging literary works, but to experience an “aha” moment.

by Gordon M. Hardy

The cover of a recent Chronicle Review sums up academic reaction to a new book by linguist Dan Everett. Rendered in caricature, Bentley’s dean of arts and sciences exchanges scowls with the man who has dominated the field for some 50 years.

by Deblina Chakraborty

Most college seniors spend a good deal of time pondering their own future. For Ryan Miamis ’12, it was just as important to consider the future of the ground beneath his feet. 

by Deblina Chakraborty

For Daniel Marrano ’13, the history of Bentley University is much more than the stuff of dusty documents and yellowed news clippings.

by Eileen McCluskey

When Bentley undergraduates watch TV shows with a keen eye for how a camera angle may signal characters’ status, it’s a safe bet they are card-carrying members of Sitcom Nation.

by Sean J. Kerrigan

Some cultural critics slam the mixing of art and economics, insisting that commerce cheapens creativity. For Ben Aslinger, that intersection is where things start to get interesting.

Roy “Chip” Wiggins has never been one to sit still. A penchant for collaboration has propelled the Bentley professor of finance across borders both geographic and intellectual.

It was a dark sky above Illinois that literally opened up a universe for Bentley faculty member George Fishman.

by Deblina Chakraborty

For Alexandra Wyman ’09, staying cool and collected is all in a day’s work. In fact, when guests of The Martha Stewart Show recall interacting with the production assistant, Wyman’s composure under pressure gets mentioned time and again.

Four new undergraduate majors are set to launch in September, each a star in its own right. But connecting them all is a commitment to preparing graduates to shine.