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TOPIC: Bentley Magazine


by Kristin Livingston November 21, 2017

Al Mallah has amazing super local food — a must try! Order the chili cheese menekesh and the juice cocktails.

by Kristin Livingston  October 30, 2017

Alumni turn trauma toward a larger purpose

by Kristen Walsh October 30, 2017

Each generation finds its own path to civic engagement

by Donna Talarico October 30, 2017

Building a bridge between corporate and community

by Mary K. Pratt October 30, 2017

O'Connor family ties date to 1920s

by Michael Blanding October 30, 2017

For some, to be born with a disability is to be born an entrepreneur. 

by Kristin Livingston October 30, 2017

For Mike Duggan '12, the future started with a hotline.

by Deblina Chakraborty October 30, 2017

At Community Rehab Care (CRC), Eileen Chernoff, MBA '87 (pictured far left in orange) makes business personal.

by Kim Harrington, as told to Mary K. Pratt October 30, 2017

As a young reader, Kim Harrington ’96, MBA ’00 was obsessed with the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. Though she loved controlling characters and plots, a writing career struck her as risky and impractical.

by Kristen Walsh October 30, 2017

Alumni improve the future of communities they once called home.